Western Digital WDS500G2B0A – Super fast 500 GB reliable SSD

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Every time I get the chance, I’m recommending to all of my friends and their friends and their friends to purchase (if they haven’t already) an SSD. A few days ago I have helped a friend installing the Windows 10 operating system on his laptop and he told me he replaced the old HDD with a new… HDD… 🙁 He knew about SSDs, we’ve talked about them in the past but he forgot about them. If you have a similar problem, don’t forget about replacing and HDD with an SDD. The difference is huge! And today we are going to talk about the Western Digital WDS500G2B0A 500 GB model, which would’ve been an amazing replacement for my friend’s laptop.

First of all, the Windows on a regular HDD lets itself installed in about 30-40 min. That’s way too long! Many times I got the feeling that the laptop froze… Even though I had the “this might take a few minutes” message on the screen… In late 2019, 35 min. to install Windows 10 on a laptop is just not right… If he would’ve had the Western Digital WDS500G2B0A SSD, the entire process would’ve taken 5-7 minutes. Now, that’s something to get really excited about! The difference between a regular HDD and an SSD is huge!

Western Digital WDS500G2B0A – Check out the price & Customer reviews

If you install the Western Digital WDS500G2B0A solid-state drive into a desktop computer, you won’t hear any noises anymore, that’s because a regular HDD has moving parts inside of it, while an SSD doesn’t. Many times I forgot to turn off my computer because I didn’t hear anything… Awkward and funny… When it comes to speeds, it’s like traveling to the USS enterprise… The SSD can reach speeds up to 600 Mb/s. That’s almost 7-8-9 times faster than an HDD. More than that, the temperatures are going to be lower.

You have no reason not to purchase the Western Digital WDS500G2B0A 500 GB SSD or something similar. The prices are extremely affordable, but the difference is enormous. Please don’t do like my friend… Don’t forget about this fantastic invention if your old HDD doesn’t work anymore… Purchase an SSD even if you already have one!

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