WD WDS100T1B0A – The best 1 TB value SSD on the market

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If you want to replace your old HDD with a powerful and huge capacity SSD, I’m strongly recommending you the WD WDS100T1B0A 1 TB solid-state drive. This marvelous piece of technology will improve your overall computing experience and I’m sure you will be pleased for making this choice. On the other hand, if you want something smaller, only for your operating system and the usual apps, you should choose a low capacity model.

Let me give you a few details about this powerful SSD. You’re probably saying to yourself: “1 TB SSD must be extremely expensive!”. Maybe 3-4 years ago they were very expensive, almost unreachable for lots of us. But now, in 2017, the prices are extremely eye-catching and it would be very unfortunate for you not to have this hardware into your desktop/laptop. So the price is very attractive and that’s not going to be a problem for most of us.

WD WDS100T1B0A – Check out customer reviews and full info

On the other hand, the performance this fantastic unit is going to deliver is remarkable! For around 250 pounds, your 2-3-4 old station will act amazing. Every app (including the operating system) will run nice, smooth and extremely fast. As an example, you will install the Windows operating system in around 5 minutes and your computer will boot up in less than 10 seconds. Now, that’s something to get extremely excited about.

When you will have the WD WDS100T1B0A SSD inside of your device, you will notice something right away: the noise will be almost imperceptible. I’m telling you this from my own experience. I forgot the computer turned on many times because I couldn’t hear it and I thought it’s turned off. Luckily, I’ve seen the red light blinking on the case. This SSD is very small, just like any other model on the market. It’s also extremely small! When I have unwrapped it, I couldn’t believe how small and light it is. I was literally shocked!

Installing an SSD into your desktop is very simple. You’ll just need something extra, a special 2.5 inch bay (it will cost you around 10 pounds extra). After you have installed your brand-new solid-state drive into your computer, your mind will be blown away! Almost literally! The WD WDS100T1B0A SSD unit comes with a three-year warranty, which is great. The manufacturer says that this “wonder of the world” will work properly for around 1.75M hours (M=millions). That means around 20 years. Can you even imagine that? Let’s say 10 years. Even 10 years it’s too much. After 10 years, you would have to upgrade all of the other components. As I said, this invention has changed the entire computing experience.

If you will decide to purchase the WD WDS100T1B0A 1 TB, you won’t even need a secondary HDD, for storing your entire picture collection, your favorite Blu-ray movies and tens of thousands of songs. You’ll have enough storage space on this small, light, fast, noiseless, amazing piece of technology.

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