ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD frameless affordable full HD monitor

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My sister called me the other day and told me she needs new monitors for the office she is working at. She wanted my advice because she is not into this technology and electronics thing. She needs something pretty big, stylish and not that expensive. I was looking over the Internet and I have found an extremely eye-catching monitor, ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD. She has placed the order and today they have arrived (4 beautiful monitors).

Two of them are in the waiting room, one is in my sister’s office and the other one on a hallway. I’m telling you, this model looks phenomenal. It doesn’t have super dupper specs, but the design is something to write home about. When I have first take them out of the boxes, the first thing that shocked me was the frameless display. The bezels are almost inexistent, they have only 2.2 mm. It’s like the infinity display on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD – Check out full info & exact price

This frameless design is outstanding and worth every penny. More than that, we are talking about an IPS display, which in my opinion is one of the best panels on the market. That’s because it supports extremely wide viewing angles (up to 178°) and the details are extreme (in a very good way). My sister was extremely pleased by their new acquisition. This monitor looks outstanding, but also delivers high quality content.

The stand is also stylish and is made from a very qualitative material. I forgot to mention that the frames are made from aluminum and they give this monitor a very stylish and distinguished aspect. Even though the price is more than affordable, the design is very professional and businesslike. You can have this monitor in your own room or at work, in your big office. Either way, I’m sure you’ll be very pleased by this product.

For extra quality, you should connect the ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD monitor to your computer via HDMI connection. It has 2 HDMI ports and one display input. Watching Blu-ray movies on this device is mind blowing! Nonetheless, your daily activities will also be a joy and shortly you will fall in love with it. You can tilt it back and forward, but unfortunately you cannot modify the height. In many cases, that’s not going to be a problem.

It’s not small, nor huge. If you are asking me, 24 inch is the perfect diagonal, when it comes to a monitor for routine tasks. It also has speakers integrated. They are not the greatest speakers on the market, but they will do the job. Still, if you want high quality and extremely rich sounds, you might want to use a pair of headphones or a separate 5.1/7.1 sound system. The ViewSonic VX2476-SMHD monitor also has an integrated microphone port.

In the pictures, it looks great. But in the real life, it looks breathtaking. You should find a store and take a live look at it. After that, you might love it and purchased it instantly. I’m just saying…

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