TECLAST M30 MTK X27 – Budget 4G 2K+ resolution 10 inch tablet

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A few days ago I was surfing the web looking for a tablet for my niece. She had a Lenovo, but it was pretty outdated and she accidentally broke it. So, the girl needs a new one and I was the one in charge finding the right tablet for her. After a few hours of research I have found the perfect one for her and anyone else. It’s the TECLAST M30 MTK X27 model, which has some amazing specs and a pretty low price tag. Stay with me and I will tell you why I have chose this model for my niece. Maybe you will purchase it, as well.

First, it has a 10.1 inch display. This was a must… Anything under 10 inch was unacceptable. Nowadays, the smart phones are almost 7 inch in diagonal so a tablet must have at least 10 inch. I was extremely surprised to find out that the TECLAST M30 MTK X27 model features a 2K+ resolution. What does that mean? 2560X1600 pixels is something to get really excited about, especially when it comes to a tablet! The image is going to be super crisp, natural, vivid and clear! That’s one of the pros of this tablet.

A different one would be the CPU. The manufacturer decided to equip this gadget with a 10-core processor, backed up by 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. These specs are way better than many of the laptop specs on the market. And the price… Check the price! It’s fantastic! This tablet will complete regular tasks instantly!

TECLAST M30 MTK X27 – Check out the price & full specs

You know when you are looking for a free wireless network and when you find it the signal is extremely poor? Problem solved! The TECLAST M30 MTK X27 tablet also has a SIM slot so you can have 4G Internet connection on your brand-new tablet. You can do almost everything: watch movies on Netflix, watch your favorite vloggers on YouTube, talk to your friends on Facebook/Skype/Whatsapp etc, some light photo editing and many, many more!

Android 8.0 comes preinstalled on this tablet and I’m sure you’ll be able to update it to the next version pretty soon. This tablet also supports microSD cards, just in case you need more memory. So, the TECLAST M30 MTK X27 model is a go! It has laptop specs and the price is extremely appealing! You should give it a try… It’s worth it!

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