TCSunBow 60 GB SSD – Super affordable storage device

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A couple of weeks ago, my grandma called me to take a look at her laptop. Yes, my grandma uses a laptop for different stuff. It has an antivirus, but it was acting pretty strange so I decided to erase everything and reinstall the operating system. After that, the laptop was significantly faster, but not as fast as I would’ve wanted. For my grandma, it was perfect! A few days ago I used to pay her a visit. She told me “if you’re here, please take a look at my laptop again because it’s not that fast anymore”. Indeed, it wasn’t and I decided to buy an SSD, more specific the TCSunBow model.

It’s an extremely cheap 60 GB SSD and it’s perfect for our grandmothers/grandfathers. It’s also suitable for our children’s laptops. That’s because it’s not that big, but because they don’t need lots of storage space. After I have installed this into my grandma’s laptop, even she have noticed the difference. Because there is a huge difference and everyone will notice it. The big advantage of this solid-state drive is the price. When I’m writing this review, it’s advertised at 27.99 pounds, which is astonishing for an SSD. Indeed, it’s not that big, but some people don’t need that much.

TCSunBow SSD – Check for ┬átoday’s price & full specs

It’s more than enough to install the operating system (Windows, Mac OS or Linux) and you’ll still have some spare space for the daily software that person is using. The second greatest plus of this solid-state drive is the speed. Comparing to a regular HDD, this one can reach higher speeds, such as up to 500 MB (read) and 100 MB (write). Well, that’s something to write home about!

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to install. Still, if you don’t know how to do with, feel free to contact someone who does. You don’t want to mess something up. The TCSunBow SSD will literally change your laptop/desktop. That’s because the noise will be almost imperceptible and they are much more reliable, comparing to the hard disk drives. Many times you will forget to turn off your computer because you won’t hear anything. It has happened to me many times and I’m sure it will to you, as well.

This item weighs around 60 g and it’s very small. You won’t realize how light and portable is until you actually hold it into your hands. You’ll be extremely surprised about its size. You’ll be even more surprised after you install the TCSunBow 60 GB SSD into your laptop and see how fast it boots up. It will take up to 10 seconds and that’s something to get really excited about.

You can install this SSD on any device, such as laptop, Mac, PlayStation, video surveillance and many more. It can work up to 2 million hours, but I’m sure you won’t use it for that long. Well, if you’re still not convinced, I’m inviting you to purchase this item, install it into a laptop/desktop and I’m waiting for your opinion. Your mind will be blown away! I can guarantee you that! After that, you will buy larger SSDs for all of your devices inside the house. They worth it!

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