Sony BRAVIA KD55XG81 – Amazing and affordable 4K UltraHD HDR 55 inch TV

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You want to replace your TV with a brand-new one, but you don’t know what model is the most appropriate for you? Let me help you with that! What do you say about the Sony BRAVIA KD55XG81 model? If you have an aprox. 10 x 10 room, this TV will fit perfectly on the wall and you will turn it into a genuine home cinema! Sony always produced high quality TVs and this one makes no exception.

Out-of-the-box, this model looks just fine. It has a simple and beautiful design, with slim bezels painted in silver. The stand is also regular and that’s why you should mount it on a wall, if possible. You will change the entire feng shui of your room. As soon as you turn it on, your entire mind will be blown away, because the Sony BRAVIA KD55XG81 TV is returning phenomenal, rich, vivid and extremely natural images. After all, we are talking about a Sony TV!

The menu and remote control are pretty intuitive and straightforward and you’ll be able to set up your brand-new TV in less than 5 minutes. After that, the entire universe will be right in front of your eyes. Sky is going to be the limit! It’s only on you about how you’re going to use it… Let make give you a few examples… I’m sure you like videos/movies. Who doesn’t? I’m sure you have some TV series on your watch list… Connect it to Netflix/Amazon prime/HBO GO and start watching your favorite movies and TV series right away.

Sony BRAVIA KD55XG81 – Check out for price, customer reviews & full specs

Or you can connect your desktop/laptop to the Sony BRAVIA KD55XG81 TV and use it as a monitor. I don’t even want to tell you how that experience is going to me… Because you can find out for yourself… Or you can cast your favorite content from your phone to this amazing TV. Just relax in your sofa and show the latest pictures you took to your family. You don’t have to copy them on an SD card/flash drive and then insert it into the TV. Now you can do almost everything wireless.

As expected, the Sony BRAVIA KD55XG81 model can also play 4K content. Believe me, the difference between a full HD movie and a 4K one is super huge. If you’ve never watched a 4K movie, you should definitely purchase this TV and experience high quality movies in your own comfortable room. It’s really worth it!

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