Sony BRAVIA KD55XG70 – Affordable 4K HDR UltraHD amazing Smart TV

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If you want to turn a room into a home cinema, you would definitely need a high spec TV. Allow me to recommend you a model I think it would fit perfectly into your room: Sony BRAVIA KD55XG70. It’s big, affordable and has lots of feature that will impress your friends.

First of all, this TV has a simple, but beautiful design, like most of the other models on the market (in this price range). The bezels are extremely slim, painted in silver, while the stand doesn’t stand out in the crowd. 🙂 Most of the people are using a TV in a classic way (using the stand)… I’m recommending you, if possible, to mount it on a wall. First, you will change the entire appearance of the room. Second, the cinematic experience is going to be better. Trust me, I know, because I have 4 TVs in my house (2 on their stands and the other 2 on the wall). After all, it’s just a matter of taste and space…

Sony BRAVIA KD55XG70 – Check out for price & Full specs

The Sony BRAVIA KD55XG70 model will return impressive, crisp and vivid colours and your favorite movies in 4K format will blow your mind away! I can’t tell you how improved the image is… You have to see it for yourself. It’s not even like looking out the window… It’s way better! The remote control is easy to use and the menu is straightforward. You will need only a few minutes to set it up. After that, sky is the limit!

Yes, the Sony BRAVIA KD55XG70 TV is also smart so you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies and TV series on Netflix or Amazon prime. Either way, the quality is going to be flawless!  You can connect your phone to the TV via Wi-Fi and share photos and videos with your family/friends on a bigger screen. Literally, the experience is stellar and your friends will envy you.

The Sony BRAVIA KD55XG70 model also returns impressive sounds, but if you want more don’t hesitate to connect a separate sound system. Well, I hope I’ve helped you to make the right decision and populate your new home cinema with some high-tech piece of technology.

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