Sony Bravia KD49XF8096 – 4K HDR UltraHD big-screen fantastic TV

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I’ve been talking to a friend of mine on the phone a few days ago and he told me he wants to buy a new TV for the living room. He told me he wants to get a Samsung (he has one more Samsung – a curved one). He eventually purchased the desired TV and he is extremely happy about it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to pay him a visit and give you my honest opinion about the TV. But I did something else for you which I’m sure you will appreciate me for. I went into a store and spent about three hours, turning upside down the Sony Bravia KD49XF8096 TV. And now I would like to share my experience with you.

First, this TV is big. It’s not huge, but if you have a medium room I would advise you to think about a smaller model or to install it into a bigger room. I have a 13×13 room and I have a Philips 49 inch TV mounted on the wall but my viewing position is on diagonal. Nevertheless, you have to take this distance thing into consideration, as well. Beyond that, this amazing TV is simply breathtaking. You’re falling in love with it when you see it turned off. It has a simple but extremely attractive design, with almost invisible black bezels and a very stylish stand. The screen is glossy and you’ll have to clean it pretty often.

Sony Bravia KD49XF8096 – Check out price and customer reviews

When you are turning it on its feels like you are in a different galaxy. Mixed feelings and sensations will happen inside of your brain/body. I felt the same things when I got my Philips 4K TV. Everything is different and you will feel that the first second you will watch some 4K content. I can’t even describe in words the way you feel when you watch some of your favorite movies in 4K. Breathtaking? Nope… Fantastic? Not even close… Stellar? Maybe… I will let you find the appropriate words to describe that intense feeling!

Needless to say that the Sony Bravia KD49XF8096 model features everything you will ever need to feel like home. The setup is quite straightforward and after 2-3 min. you will have the entire universe in your hand. Yes, we are talking about a smart TV and you could instantly access your favorite YouTube content. If you will watch Blu-ray/4K movies from your laptop/desktop via DLNA you might want to connect your brand-new TV to the Internet via wireless. I’m sure you are sick and tired of so many cables around the house.

The sound is also impressive on this TV. It will return rich and magnificent sounds during the multimedia sessions. Still, if you want/need more, feel free to connect a 7.1.1 sound system to this TV and you could watch movies with your family/friends in perfect conditions. It also sports Google assistant and Freview HD. I don’t want to get you all confused with technicalities, but the Sony Bravia KD49XF8096 TV is a state-of-the-art piece of technology and if you decide to purchase you’ll make one of the greatest decisions of your life. I’m not overreacting and you will feel/see that once you’ll have it in your room.

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