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My mom has a Dell Inspirron 5110 laptop, from 2011 (that’s when I have bought it). It’s pretty old, but most of the times it’s working well. Actually, not that well anymore, because a week ago I had to erase everything and reinstall Windows 10. After this entire cleaning process, I could feel and see that the laptop is faster, but not the way I wanted to be. My mother concluded that she needs a new one and she was already looking on a few websites for a replacement. Why spending money on a new laptop, when you can purchase the SK hynix Canvas SL308 240 GB SSD, install it in the laptop and see the difference?

At first, my mom was extremely skeptical about this plan. But I knew what I’m doing and I have asked her to trust me. I have ordered the SSD and it came after a couple of days. I have installed it inside the laptop… For me, the process is very simple, but if you haven’t done this before, I strongly recommend you to contact someone whose skills are way better than yours. My mom was pretty anxious about seeing what is going to happen after we are turning on the laptop.

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She had to wait one more hour until I was installing everything on her brand-new SSD. I have opted for the 240 GB variant because I have removed the old HDD for good. Now she will have enough space for storing anything she wants the store (she doesn’t need much, because she is not playing any games or listening to music from the physical drive… Only on YouTube).

When I have finished, I have turned off the laptop and I told her to turn it on. Before this upgrade, the laptop was booting in about 25-30 seconds, right after I have erased and reinstalled everything. A long time, I might say… Now, with the SK hynix Canvas SL308 SSD inside, the laptop boots up in exactly 9 seconds. Well, that’s something to write home about. My mother couldn’t believe it. She thought I have upgraded the CPU and RAM memory. She just couldn’t believe how fast her old laptop can be. :)))

That’s right, my friends, putting just one SSD into your laptop/desktop will change almost everything. Don’t get me wrong, you still won’t be able to play the latest and greatest 2017 games, but the overall computing experience will be highly improved. First, your computer will be almost noiseless… Many times you will forget to turn it off. Second, the energy consumption is way lower. Third and the most important aspect, everything is going to be much faster. Your Windows, your favorite apps… Everything!

Ever since I have purchased the SK hynix Canvas SL308 240 GB SSD and installed it into the laptop, my mom is very pleased. From time to time, she is asking me what kind of CPU is into the laptop. She still doesn’t believe me that just a regular SSD unit can make such a big difference. :))) After that, she was recommending to anyone she was talking to: “Honey, if you don’t already have an SSD, you should definitely get one. It’s miraculous!”. :))) The truth is that this amazing piece of technology has changed a lot of things. You should try it out, as well. You won’t regret it!

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