Seagate (STCM1000400) – Superfast and affordable huge 1TB SSD – Bargain!

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More than five years ago someone invented an amazing piece of technology that changed everything. It’s called SSD (solid-state drive) and it’s literally a game changer! In time, they got cheaper, bigger and faster. The first models were the 2.5 inch SSDs, the next were the NVME models and now we have lots of external SSDs on the market. One of them is the Seagate (STCM1000400) 1 TB unit and I will tell you a few things about it in the next paragraphs.

If you are traveling a lot (or not) or if you want a backup for your videos and pictures, the Seagate (STCM1000400) model might be what you were looking for. It’s light, extremely portable, good-looking and super fast. What else would you want from a device like this? To be affordable! Checked! It’s one of the best value for the price external SSD on the market.

You can connect it to a laptop via 3.1 USB cable. You will get amazing speeds, no matter we are talking about reading or writing (up to 450 Mb/s). Take something into consideration: don’t install the operating system on an external storage unit. It’s just not suitable… Except for that, only sky is the limit. You can install all of your favorite games, perform heavy video editing (if your laptop/desktop computer is made for that), store your favorite 4K movies and many more…

Seagate (STCM1000400) – Check out the price & Customer reviews

For most of the people out there, 1 TB is more than enough. Still, if you need more, you can purchase the Seagate SSD 2 TB variant. One thing is for sure: the Seagate (STCM1000400) is a must and I’m not just saying that… You can store anything and everything, the price is super attractive, it has an attractive design and it’s super fast! Tell me your opinion about this device!

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