SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-500G-G25 Extreme PRO – Extremely fast NVME M.2 500 GB SSD

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Many people still use regular HDDs in their computers and that should change. Why am I saying that? Because 6-7 years ago an amazing piece of technology was invented and that’s the SSD (solid-state drive). SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-500G-G25 Extreme PRO is one of the amazing models out there and I will tell you why you should have something like this inside of your laptop, if you don’t already have one.

Nowadays you can afford buying an SSD. About five years ago I have purchased my first solid-state drive. It was/still is a 120 GB Kingston HyperX model, worth exactly 100 pounds. Five years later you can buy the SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-500G-G25 Extreme PRO 500 GB SSD paying almost the same price. And the models are not similar. My first one was a 2.5 inch SSD and it can reach speeds up to 550 Mb/s. The solid-state drive we are talking about in this article is a NVME model and it can go up to 3.4-4 Gb/s. Now, that’s something to write home about! A M.2 NVME SSD is almost 20 times faster than a regular 5400 RPM HDD.

Installing any kind of SSD (2.5 inch or NVME) inside of your laptop/desktop computer will make that annoying noise coming from the HDD go away. When I have first installed the Kingston SSD, I forgot to turn off my computer many times because I couldn’t hear anything anymore and I thought it’s turned off. It will happen to you, too. After a while you’ll get used to it and turn it off “by default”. It doesn’t make any sound because has no moving parts anymore, like a regular HDD. It’s like a micro SD card… Small, fast and reliable!

SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-500G-G25 Extreme PRO – Check out the price & Customer reviews

If you don’t already have an SSD in your laptop/desktop, you should definitely get the SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-500G-G25 Extreme PRO 500 GB model or something similar. It’s literally a game changer! I have five and I will get more in the future. I’m recommending everyone this fantastic piece of technology because it will rejuvenate your desktop/laptop. I have placed one in my mom’s 10 years old laptop and now she can’t believe how fast it is. Now you don’t have to get a new CPU, more RAM and a more powerful graphics card for your laptop in order to make it faster. Just purchase an SSD and everything is going to be different. Better different! Faster different! Zero noise different! Cheaper different!

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