SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-1T00-G25 Extreme PRO – Huge, affordable and blazing fast NVME M.2 SSD

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The prophecy says that in maximum 10 years the regular HDDs will disappear because the SSD is the new King in town. Today we are going to talk about a breathtaking piece of technology, the SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-1T00-G25 Extreme PRO model. It’s a 1 TB SSD that can easily replace your old, noisy and lazy HDD. Stay with me and I will try to highlight all the pros of this amazing device.

First, it’s huge! Second, the price is very eye-catching! When they were first released on the market, you’d have to sell your car to take advantage of this new technology. Not anymore! Depending on the budget, there is an SSD for any of us out there. When I have first purchased an SSD (more than five years ago) I was blown away by the speeds it can reach.

Take into consideration that my first SSD was a 2.5 inch unit, while the SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-1T00-G25 Extreme PRO model is way faster. Even if it’s 6-7 times faster comparing to a regular SSD, not everything is going to be literally 6-7 times faster. Yes, the read and write speeds are going to be stellar: up to 3.5 GB. But the Windows operating system is not going to boot in 1 second, comparing to 6-7-8 seconds (for the standard SSD).

SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-1T00-G25 Extreme PRO – Check out the price & customer reviews

You should know that you have to have a PCI-E inside of your laptop/desktop. If you don’t, feel free to purchase a 2.5 inch SSD. For the untrained eye, the differences are slim to none. If you’ve never had an SSD unit before, you’ll feel the difference right away. First, the Windows installation is going to take about 5 min. Second, the noise is reduced to zero, because there are no moving parts anymore, comparing to an old HDD. Third, the temperatures are going to be lower, as well.

I don’t have enough words to express the way I feel about these fantastic components, the SanDisk SDSSDXPM2-1T00-G25 Extreme PRO model included. They will rejuvenate your system, no matter where talking about a laptop or desktop computer. The difference between a regular HDD and an SSD is huge and you really have to have this amazing piece of technology in your computer!

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