Samsung UE55NU7300 – Huge curved display 4K UltraHD affordable TV

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You need a replacement for your old full HD TV? You need something different, something special, something better, something… else?! That something is right here and it’s called Samsung UE55NU7300. Why is this TV so special?! Mainly because it has a curved display? Maybe because it’s huge (55 inch)? Maybe because it is 4K Ultra HD? Let’s dive more into it and see if this should be your new acquisition!

Samsung always produced high quality devices and the Samsung UE55NU7300 model is no exception. When you take it out of the box, you are pleasantly surprised about the way it looks. Those thin bezels are amazing! If you’re asking me, I would’ve preferred a silver colour on the outside, but the black is appealing, as well. You can use the included stand or you can mount it on a wall. I am recommending you the second choice because the cinematic experience is fantastically improved! But, hey, it’s only about taste. Sometimes there’s no room on the wall for such a big TV.

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When you plug it in, the menu is pretty straightforward and you will set it up in a few minutes. After that, it will feel like you are on a different planet. The image is immersive, extremely rich and extraordinarily vivid. After some custom configurations, something almost perfect will lay in front of your eyes. That 4K HDR quality is breathtaking! The difference between a full HD movie and a 4K one is absolutely huge and you will be in love! Believe me!

The Samsung UE55NU7300 TV is also returns amazing sounds. After all, we are talking about a premium device! Nevertheless, if you are not pleased with the sound and you want better and louder, feel free to connect your separate 7.1 sound system or sound bar to the TV. In my opinion, this model is a game changer! And you definitely have to have it! After all, you’ll only need some popcorn, your friends and a 4K movie… Lights out!

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