Samsung UE55NU7100 – Big size 4K HDR UltraHD affordable smart TV

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A few minutes ago I have seen a TV commercial where they were advertising a super fancy expensive high spec OLED TV. I should’ve sold half of my house and the car in order to purchase that model. 16,000 pounds is way too much for me and most of you to spend on a TV. Why not buying the Samsung UE55NU7100 model? Anyone can afford this big screen 4K smart TV. When I will win the lottery, I would definitely get five of the most expensive TVs on the market. Until then, let’s take a look at this Samsung model and see if we should have it in our room.

Take a look at the price and tell me this ain’t a bargain? Because it is! Considering the specs, it’s a fantastic deal! I have 4 smart 4K TVs in my home. They all worth every penny! Some of them run web OS and some run android. Either way, the experience is breathtaking! This TV has a big screen and you would have to fit it into a medium/big size room. If you are crazy (like me) you will install it into a 7×7 room. Except for its TV capabilities, I’m also using a 55 inch TV as a monitor replacement. Works like a charm!

Every time I want to relax, usually during the night, I’m looking for a 4K movie on Netflix and enjoy it! The quality is phenomenal! But if you download a 90 GB movie from “you know where”, the quality is even higher. It’s like looking out the window… No, it’s not like that! Let me rephrase… It’s like being there! When I have first watched a 4K movie I got goosebumps…

Samsung UE55NU7100 – Check out the price & Customer reviews

Seriously! I can’t describe in words what I felt… I’m sure you’ll feel the same way, too! Netflix, Amazon prime TV, HBO go, Hulu, YouTube, mirroring your phone, casting pictures and videos and many more… All those features are available when it comes to the Samsung UE55NU7100 TV. One more time, please take a look at the price and do something about that!

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