Samsung UE49MU6500 – Curved 4K high spec affordable HDR smart TV

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If you want high quality images, amazing features, an eye-catching design and a great price, you should take a look at the Samsung UE49MU6500 TV. It’s big, super smart, beautiful and you won’t have to sell your car to purchase it. Stay with me and I will try to highlight its pros and see if it’s worth purchasing.

And the answer is yes! You will realize that as soon as you take it out of the box. That curved display is something to write home about! And those thin silver bezels… The entire design is simply fantastic! And that’s just the beginning… As soon as you turn it on, your mind will be almost literally blown away! After setting it up, which is a breeze, everything will be stunning. The Samsung UE49MU6500 model returns absolutely breathtaking sharp and vibrant images. That’s also because we are talking about a 4K UltraHD resolution. That’s four times bigger and more qualitative against the full HD resolution.

And that’s not all… You can also talk to your TV… Actually, not directly to your TV… To the remote control, commanding different stuff to your TV. You can switch between channels, adjust the volume, get into the smart menu and select a certain movie and many more. This smart TV also features a smart remote control, which is something to get really excited about.

Samsung UE49MU6500 – Check out the price & Customer reviews

You can easily connect the Samsung UE49MU6500 TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi. No more cables! Nevertheless, if you want to connect your laptop to this amazing TV, you’ll still need an HDMI cable. But that’s something temporary… The sound is also going to be much better, comparing to other TVs on the market. Still, if you want more quality and higher volumes, you can easily connect your separate 7.1 sound system/sound bar.

As I said in the second paragraph, the Samsung UE49MU6500 model is a must. An excellent purchase would be an understatement! It’s a fantastic TV with a great design, amazing specs and a very eye-catching price tag. Get it, place it on a wall, download your favorite 4K movie, make some popcorn, invite your friends over and turn off the lights… Enjoy!

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