Samsung UE49KS9000 – Affordable amazing SUHD HDR 1000 4K curved TV

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I’m sure you’ve heard about curved display TVs. You may even have one in your home. For those who don’t and think about getting one, let’s talk about the Samsung UE49KS9000 curved quantum dot display TV. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay tons of money for this kind of models anymore. They got cheaper and cheaper, but the quality remained the same. That’s a great Pro and you should thinking about purchasing it.

I admit… I have only flatscreen TVs all around my house. But many friends of mine have such a TV and they have told me only great things about a curved display TV. Visually, the curved display doesn’t improve the image quality, but the HDR 1000 and quantum dot display technology do. Samsung TVs are well known for the video quality they are returning and that’s why this TV was a bestseller on Amazon a few months ago.

Samsung UE49KS9000 – Check full specs & price

The Samsung UE49KS9000 model is almost bezel-less. The screen aspect ratio is outstanding and super impressive. The quantum dot display technology is producing a fantastic viewing experience. Also, the HDR 1000 feature ensures breathtaking peak luminance, makes the colours more vibrant and returns stunning black levels. Every time you will watch a 4K movie, the experience is going to be stellar! Mount this TV on a wall and you will have a genuine cinematic experience!

You can always use the Samsung UE49KS9000 TV as a monitor. Lots of people are doing this because they prefer to work on a big screen TV. Everything is smoother, brighter and more fun. You can connect your computer to this TV via HDMI cable and your laptop/tablet/phone via Wi-Fi. The operating system is pretty straightforward and easy to use. This model also returns crisp and clear sounds, but if you want better and louder, feel free to connect your separate sound bar/7.1 hi-fi sound system. What else do you need? Your family/friends, popcorn, your favorite 4K resolution movie and lights out! Enjoy!

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