Samsung UE43NU7020 – Budget 4K amazing HDR smart TV – Bargain!

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Today we are going to talk about a brilliant value for money device – the Samsung UE43NU7020 4K smart TV. If you want a super affordable 4K HDR TV in your living room, this model might be the perfect choice. Stay with me and you’ll see if it’s worth the trouble…

If you want a midsize TV in your room for watching Netflix/Amazon prime, the Samsung UE43NU7020 TV is exactly what you need. When you get this TV out-of-the-box it will be very easy to set it up. You can use the regular stand or a wall bracket. I would strongly recommend you the second thing… The viewing experience is way more improved! Picture quality is excellent and the standard colour settings are not far of being perfect. Nevertheless, you can tune the colours/contrast/brightness to suit your own preferences.

The sound is also really good so you won’t need a sound bar/separate audio system anymore. But if you’re one of those people (like me), you would definitely attach a 7.1 hi-fi audio system for better base and higher volumes. The remote control is very responsive and is going to be a breeze to set this TV up. The Internet connection is also going to be flawless and you won’t experience disconnects and glitchy apps.

Samsung UE43NU7020 – Check out the price & customer reviews

The Samsung UE43NU7020 TV is an excellent choice if you want an affordable 4K smart HDR TV.  As I said in the first paragraph, you can use this TV as a monitor, too. Gaming with a PS4 is going to be an amazing experience. 4K movies are also going to be something to write home about! If you haven’t watched a 4K movie until now, the experience is going to be breathtaking. The difference between full HD and 4K resolution is huge and you’ll love it!

As a conclusion, if you want a bargain, you should get the Samsung UE43NU7020 TV. It’s one of the best value for money devices on the market. The image is incredible, the sound is surprisingly good and the overall experience is incredible. You should try it out!

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