Samsung UE43KU6000 – Afordable 43 inch 4K TV

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4K is the new trend nowadays… A couple of years ago, these models were extremely expensive. But now, I guess anyone can afford a 4K TV. They are quite affordable and deliver high-quality images and details. Recently, the college I’m studying at have purchased 20 TVs. 10 are LG and the rest of 10 are Samsung. More precisely, Samsung UE43KU6000. If you’re interested/passionate about TVs and crystal clear images, I am suggesting you to keep reading this review.

When it comes to design, honestly, there is nothing to get super excited about. Just like in the smart phone area, the manufacturers didn’t innovate too much in the last years. Lots of phones look square, they have a big screen and some buttons. It’s the same thing with the TVs. They are big (more or less), 16 x 9 aspect ratio (most of them), thin bezels (just like the model we are talking about today), lots of connectors etc. This model looks pretty good. It has black thin bezels and the screen surface is not that glossy.

Samsung UE43KU6000 –  View full specs  and price

You can choose between mounting on a wall or use the stand. Either way, when you’re going to turn it on you’ll be surprised by the high quality images. The TV is extremely easy to set up and in a matter of minutes you’ll be able to surf the web and access your favorite media. I have a pretty big experience with TVs. I own a Panasonic, a Philips, a Sony and a Hannspree (my first LCD TV). For a short period of time I have owned a Samsung model. In my opinion, the most high-quality images and details are delivered by the Samsung TVs. Phillips and Panasonic come second. I am disappointed with my Sony TV (entry level model). There is something I don’t like about those images (they are too washed out, the sound it’s not the way it’s supposed to be…).

Fortunately, Samsung always have delivered their clients high-quality products. The UE43KU6000 model stands out in the crowd because it offers crystal clear images, great and rich sound and a pretty good smart experience. The difference between HD and full HD is pretty big. But the difference between full HD and 4K is huuuuuuge! You will realize what I’m talking about right after you are streaming a movie on this great TV. Everything is perfect! The colours, the details, everything!

The sound is also above average. The base is not extremely powerful, but it is there, comparing to lots of other midrange models. Still, if you’re not satisfied with it, you can attach a 5.1/7.1 external sound system (if you have one).

The smart capabilities are also pretty good. You can surf the menu and the web without too many hiccups. You can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cable (it’s your choice). I have mine connected via the cable because is very close to the router. I prefer this because I want/not necessarily need a higher Internet speed.

The Samsung UE43KU6000 TV has a lot of other options, such as screen mirroring. You can mirror the content from your smart phone or tablet on this TV (meh). It has a bunch of connectors (3xHDMI, DVI, 2xUsb 2.0, ethernet, component video, CI+ etc). That CI+ (common interface plus) is very interesting and useful. Why is that? If you want some extra (HD) channels, you will need a CI+ card or a TV box. If you have the opportunity, choose the CI+ card. This way, you won’t have extra cables and an extra remote control. Less cables and a single remote control = more fun!

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