Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T561 – Affordable and portable 9.6 inch 3G tablet

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If you want a classy affordable and fast tablet, you should take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T561 model. It’s a 9.6 inch tablet that will complete the day-to-day tasks in perfect conditions. A friend of mine got it a few weeks ago and she is super excited about her new acquisition. Let’s dive into it and see why you should buy it, as well.

On the outside, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T561 tablet has a classic look. The manufacturer decided to use a how quality plastic for the case. This way, the Wi-Fi/3G signal is going to be much stronger, comparing to an aluminum case. Fortunately, the case is not slippery and you won’t have that cheap feeling every time you will use it.

As you probably realize, you’ll have two cameras at your disposal. They are not something to get really excited about, but you’ll be able to take some pictures and videos for your social media accounts. The quality is not going to be extremely high, but it will do. You could also initiate Skype/Facebook video calls in perfect conditions. I don’t know if someone bought this device for the specs. Not really… It’s a real choice because it’s very slim and portable, weighing only 495 g. If you need/want power, feel free to take a look at some gaming laptops.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T561 – Check out the price, Full specifications & Customer reviews

Just put this tablet in your backpack and take it with you wherever you go. It’s going to be your best friend on your road trips. The 9.6 inch bright screen will deliver natural and vivid images, while the viewing angles are going to be more than distant. The Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T561 tablet is equipped with a powerful quad core CPU, backed up by 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. You will definitely need more, so you should attach a microSD card (up to 128 GB).

The specs are nothing to write home about, but this tablet will complete some simple tasks almost instant, such as playing your favorite movies and TV series on Netflix/Amazon prime TV/HBO go, playing videos on YouTube with no interruptions, returning great colours while playing your favorite android games and many more. In my opinion, if you need a simple looking medium spec super affordable tablet, you should think about purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T561 tablet.

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