Philips 43PUS6753/12 – Ultra HD 4K Ambilight Smart affordable TV

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A few days ago I was talking to my uncle on the phone. One thing led to another and we started talking about TVs. He wants to get a new one for his bedroom and he was asking me what should he get. When I heard that, I was hypnotized and all I could say was: Philips, Philips, Philips… :))) You’re probably wondering why Philips? Why not Samsung or Sony?! First, he doesn’t want an expensive big screen TV mainly because the bedroom is not that large and second because he doesn’t spend so much time watching TV. So I told him to get the Philips 43PUS675312 model.

Low to medium price tagged Philips models have something that Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and others don’t. I’m talking about Ambilight. We will talk about this a bit later. Nowadays is like a trend to mount your TV on the wall. If you don’t want to do that, feel free not to… But on the wall looks way better than putting it on a regular piece of furniture. Yes, it takes 10-15 min. more but it’s worth the time. If you want to do that, don’t forget to order a wall mount, as well. It’s not more than 25-30 pounds.

The 43PUS675312 TV sports a 43 inch diagonal screen which is more than enough for a medium-size room. Mounted on the wall or not, this outstanding piece of engineering will change the entire mood in the room. And that’s happening before you turn it on. The design is simple but extraordinary attractive. It has a black glossy screen and the bezels are almost invisible. I’m sure you still have thick bezel TV around the house. If you put them side-by-side, your old TV will seem extremely ugly. I had this exact same feeling, as well. Don’t be too harsh about your old TV. Remember how excited you were when you first got it and how many people managed to gather around it.

Philips 43PUS6753/12 – Check out customer reviews and full specs

Now it’s time to take things to the next level and this new Philips TV is exactly what you were looking for. You’ll be able to watch 4k movies and video clips. It’s also smart so you can always watch your YouTube videos in perfect conditions. If you like to play games, don’t hesitate to install your favorites and play them every time you feel like it. It’s not a lazy smart TV so you could zap through menus with the speed of sound.

Why recommending this model to my uncle and not a full HD one?! Because full HD is a bit in the past. 4k is now the latest and greatest! Indeed, 8k TVs are already on the market, but for the moment they are too expensive and the content is not available everywhere. For the moment, 4k is more than enough and the experience is fantastic. Comparing a full HD movie with a 4K one… Actually, you can’t do that because the difference is huge. And that’s what I told my uncle, as well. Getting a 4K TV and watching movies will be… WOOOW! Literally! Imagine that you’re having 4x more pixels, which means super crystal clear images, high contrast and 110% natural colours. I can’t describe in words the experience I’m having every time I’m watching a 4K movie. You have to see it yourself. After that, you’ll be in love/hypnotized and you will never want to go back to 720P/1080p movies. Even Blu-ray movies look different/improved on a TV like this.

Now let me tell you a few things about something really really really interesting that only a few models on the market have: the Ambilight technology. This means you’ll have a bunch of RGB lights (R=red, G=green, B=blue) on the sides (left, right and up). Take a look at the gallery and video and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Nonetheless, when you will live attend to this experience, your entire world will be blown away and you’ll realize such a big difference between two TVs with and without this technology there is. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy a non-Ambilight TV. Nope! But, if you have this opportunity, take advantage on it and you’ll never feel sorry! I’m having an Ambilight Philips TV and when I’m watching my Sony non-Ambilight TV I feel like something is missing. And it is! Those tiny lights will offer you a breathtaking experience. Don’t you believe me? Go to a showroom and convince yourself!

HDR plus is one more reason you should buy the Philips 43PUS675312 TV. Mine has only HDR and the difference is also huge. Enough about technicalities. If you want a brand-new good-looking supersmart TV, you should get this one. If it’s too small for your room, feel free to get a bigger size (50, 55 and 65 inch).

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