Panasonic TX-43GX551 – Extremely affordable 4K Ultra HD smart TV

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My parents have a Panasonic TV in their room for more than 7 years. They’ve recently replaced it and the decision was pretty simple because they wanted the same brand. So, their new TV is also a Panasonic, more precisely the Panasonic TX-43GX551 model. They didn’t want anything fancy and super expensive. My father is watching football games so he wanted 4K resolution, while my mom loves movies and she needed to be a smart TV, for Netflix.

So, this TV is perfect for my parents and lots of other people around the world. It’s suitable for watching your favorite movies on Netflix/YouTube/Amazon prime video streaming, for watching your favorite sports and even as a monitor replacement. The price is super affordable, while the specs are very appealing. As I said, we are talking about a 4K HDR TV, which means the image quality is going to be breathtaking. Literally, breathtaking! The returned colours are going to be natural, crisp and super vivid. The brightness and contrast levels are also super high!

When it comes to the appearance, the Panasonic TX-43GX551 is not going to win a beauty contest… Just like in the real life, I prefer simple things. And this model has a simple, yet beautiful design. After all, it’s a TV so we can’t talk about flashy and eye-catching elements. It doesn’t have to look good, it has to return amazing images and it does!

Panasonic TX-43GX551 – Check out the price & customer reviews

4K resolution = 4x the HD resolution. The HD channels are fantastic… Imagine the 4K channels and/or movies… It’s like you are there, inside the movie… You can’t compare HD and 4K resolution… It’s like comparing a bicycle with the latest Lamborghini (when it comes to the appearance/design… Not the price)… Once you turn it on, you’ll be able to set it up in minutes. The menu is straightforward and the remote control is very responsive.

As I said, you can also use the Panasonic TX-43GX551 model as a monitor replacement. You just need an HDMI cable and you are good to go. You can also cast your videos/photos from your phone to this amazing TV via wireless (make sure the both devices are connected to the same router). If you purchase this TV, it will change the entire ambience of your room. All you have to do is invite your friends, make some popcorn, choose a 4K movie to watch and turn off the lights!

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