MSI GT72VR 6RE “Dominator Pro” 233UK – Professional gaming laptop

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If you are a game addict, you have a pretty high budget and you want to get a new gaming machine, let me introduce to you the MSI GT72VR 6RE Dominator Pro 233UK model. It could be the perfect laptop for you. Let’s see if this piece of technology worth its price. If you’re familiar with the MSI laptop designs, then you won’t be surprised. If not, please take a look at the gallery and say it’s not one of the most beautiful gaming laptops on the market… I love this design because it’s very simplistic. Asus RoG is more eye-catching, so is the Alienware, but I prefer this appearance: simple and beautiful. Don’t get me wrong…  If I would receive an Asus or Alienware laptop as a present, I wouldn’t say no! :))) Everything is perfect: the corners, the lines, the painting… Everything! The logo, which is placed on the top center of the lid gives this model an exquisite look.

We are talking about a pretty big 17.3 inch full HD display. You can’t compare it with the 4K Alienware displays, but it will do the job just fine. Everything will be crisp and clear and the brightness and contrast levels are extremely high. It will be a genuine pleasure to watch some full HD/Blu-ray movies or to play your favorite games. If you want your multimedia experience to be even higher, you can connect this laptop to a UHD/4K big-screen TV. Luckily, the screen is mate so you won’t have any problems with any kind of reflections.

MSI GT72VR 6RE “Dominator Pro” 233UK – Check for full specs and customer reviews

As you could probably imagined, the keyboard is simply amazing. It’s illuminated and you’ll have a wide range of colours at your disposal. You can even combine them and get a super effect on your keyboard. Everyone will envy you, believe me! This is a high-quality full-size keyboard, it’s very silent and the buttons are extremely soft and responsive. The noise level is extremely low, so you’ll be able to play on it even someone is sleeping into the same room. Also, the touchpad is very soft, responsive and supports multitouch gestures.

Let’s talk about performance, because this beast can deliver tons of performance. The manufacturer decided to equip this model with the latest generation of Intel CPU. We are talking about an i7 CPU, clocked to 2.6 GHz. Its quad core and if you need more power you have to know that it can reach 3.6 GHz, in turbo mode. In 2016, 16 GB of RAM it’s not that much, but it’s more than enough to offer you seamless multimedia experience. All the games on the market will run flawlessly on this laptop. Even the ones who are going to be launched in the next years will run smooth and soft.

In the future, if you will have any problems with different games, you can upgrade your super powerful gaming laptop, because it supports a maximum of 64 GB of RAM. But I’m sure that’s not going to happen pretty soon. This incredible performance is available under your fingertips also because of the top-notch graphics card. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 is present and supports 8 GB of DDR5 memory. With this graphics card you could even start mining for agrolifecoin or any other crypto currency (I’m kidding… Or not). I don’t know if you are aware, but these specs are just phenomenal! You won’t experience lag or any other unpleasant things every time you’re going to use this laptop.

You’ll have two types of storage at your disposal: one HDD, set to 1 TB, in order to store all of your favorite videos click, music and games and one SSD, set to 128 GB, to install the operating system and all the apps and games you are using every day. The SSD storage doesn’t come as a surprise, because it’s something normal (almost “a must” when it comes to powerful devices like this).

What do you say? Can the MSI GT72VR 6RE Dominator Pro 233UK model be the appropriate gaming laptop for you? I think it can be, as long as you have a big budget. If you do, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it. It’s great looking, can deliver lots of performance and the gaming experience is going to be stellar! If you bought this model, feel free to tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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