LG 49UM7100PLB – 4K HDR Ultra HD 49 inch smart TV

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A few weeks ago I have upgraded my computer. New video card, a bigger SSD and a 4K monitor. My mom heard about this upgrade and she told me she wants a new, better TV, as well. After a short research I have decided to get them the LG 49UM7100PLB model. It’s exactly what they need: improved resolution (full HD to 4K) to watch high quality Netflix movies, better sounds and a great overall experience.

It’s a midrange TV which will deliver pretty amazing images, because of the HDR feature, which makes everything more crisp and vivid. Well, sometimes the HDR feature needs to be disabled, because the images are pretty dark. Last night, my father was watching a football game and the HDR function went on automatically and I had to disable it. 99% of the time the HDR is great… The other 1% of the time has to be disabled.

LG 49UM7100PLB – View full specs and customer reviews

The LG 49UM7100PLB TV has slim bezels and looks good both mounted on the wall or on its own stand. The Smart menu is superfast and intuitive. With a few clicks you can connect to Netflix/Amazon prime and watch your favorite movies and TV series. If you want, you can purchase separately the LG magic remote, which is a genuine improvement comparing to the standard remote control. If you have an Alexa device around your house, you can control the TV through it. That’s something amazing, considering you can do something else and change the channels or surf through your favorite TV series with your voice while cooking or playing some games on your phone.

These devices are stacked with amazing technology. You can connect your laptop to this amazing TV via HDMI. Nevertheless, if you are sick and tired of cables, you can connect to it (laptop, tablet or smart phone) via Wi-Fi connection. The possibilities are almost endless… ┬áKeep something in mind… We are talking about a 49 inch TV so you will need a bigger room (bigger than 6 x 6) to install it.

We can talk hours and hours about the LG 49UM7100PLB TV. But we are not going to do that. Because we already know this is a great device and anyone should have it in their room. It’s big, has a simple and beautiful design, returns amazing images and sounds and the price is also attractive. Why not giving it a try? It’s worth it!

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