LG 49SM8500PLA – Nano Cell UltraHD 4K affordable 2019 TV

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A few months ago I have purchased an LG TV for my parents. It was a 40 inch display model… A new entry-level extremely decent smart TV. My plan was different… I wanted to buy the LG 49SM8500PLA model but there wasn’t enough room to place it on the wall. On the other side, one of my uncles asked me to recommend him a TV and I’ve told him about that particular one.

He got the 55 inch model, but when it comes to specs they are similar. The 49 inch TV we are going to talk about in this article is simply amazing! It was released in 2019 and features some incredible specs. The LG 49SM8500PLA TV sports nano cell technology, allowing for consistent pixel placement, creating uniform colour volume and outstanding picture quality. Translation = the returned images and colours are going to be breathtaking!

That’s also because the resolution is UltraHD 4K. The difference between full HD and 4K is huge and you will notice that as soon as you are playing/watching a 4K movie/documentary/whatever. I can’t even express in words the feeling you’re having every time you’re watching 4K content. Maybe goosebumps… The clarity is brilliant, the details are vivid and fantastic even if you are staying a bit too close to the TV.

LG 49SM8500PLA – Check out for price & full specs

This magnificent LG 49SM8500PLA TV is also equipped with the 2nd generation a7 intelligent processor, which allows for superb image quality and brings a clearer and brighter viewing experience. The sound is also fantastic, but if you need more base or higher volumes, you can always connect your separate high-tech 7.1 sound system/soundbar.

Optional, you can purchase separately the LG magic remote which is a game changer. On the other hand, you can control your brand-new LG 49SM8500PLA TV using an Alexa device (purchased separately). What can be better than that? Relaxing on your sofa, eating popcorn/peanuts/chips and controlling your TV with your voice…

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