LG 43UM7500PLA – Budget high quality 4K HDR UltraHD Smart TV

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If you need a new desktop replacement or just a regular high quality smart TV, the LG 43UM7500PLA model might be exactly what you are looking for. It has some interesting specs and the price is also very attractive. Stay with me and we will see if you should purchase this product.

Right out-of-the-box, this TV is not something to write home about (I’m talking about the appearance). Some people may not like the design, but I love it! Why? Because it’s simple, clean and beautiful. No eye-catching elements. The bezels are super thin and the stand is also pretty standard. 🙂 The LG 43UM7500PLA TV is painted in dark silver which is a pretty standard colour when it comes to TVs.

We are talking about a 43 inch display so you’ll be able to install this amazing piece of technology even in a small size room. Once you turn it on, you could set it up in a matter of minutes because the menu is very straightforward and user-friendly. After that, you’ll be amazed by the image quality. After all, LG 43UM7500PLA is a 4K Ultra HD TV. My parents have this model and they are extremely excited about it. The 4K movies are simply breathtaking! You can watch your favorite TV series, documentaries and movies in perfect conditions on Netflix/Amazon prime TV/HBO go.

Yes, it’s a smart TV and no, it’s not a lazy smart TV. You’ll find 2 buttons on the remote control: YouTube and Netflix. Pressing any of them will take you to the designated destination in a matter of maximum 2 seconds. When it comes to the smart menu speed, it’s comparable to my Philips Ambilight 55 inch TV (which was three times more expensive), mainly thanks to the quad core CPU. Web OS comes preinstalled on the LG 43UM7500PLA TV and that’s more than enough for your daily tasks.

LG 43UM7500PLA – Check out the price, Full specifications & Customer reviews

The sound is also pretty impressive, comparing to many other smart TVs on the market. If you want, you can purchase an Alexa device and control this amazing TV with your voice. You can change the channels, switch between movies or just turn off the LG 43UM7500PLA TV staying comfortable in your couch, eating popcorn and enjoying some high quality content.

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