LG 43UK6300PLB – Amazing and affordable 4K Ultra HD smart HDR TV

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If you want to replace your old full HD TV or just need a new one in your room, let me recommend you something I think it will suit perfectly to your needs: the LG 43UK6300PLB model. I know you don’t have a huge room so that’s why I’m going to tell you a few things about this 43 inch amazing piece of technology.

More and more people are watching TV nowadays, especially Netflix/HBO go/Amazon. Why not watching your favorite movies in perfect conditions? Why not using this TV as a monitor? The possibilities are endless! Out-of-the-box, this model looks great. It has a simple and beautiful design. The bezels are very thin, while the stand is very standard. 🙂 If you want something different, you can mount this TV on the wall. I have three TVs mounted on the wall and the experience is different. Better different…

The remote control is extremely easy to use, while the menu is pretty straightforward. It’s not going to take you more than 5 min. to have all the channels installed and ready to go. If you want a next level experience between you and your LG 43UK6300PLB TV, you can purchase an Alexa speaker and control your brand-new TV with your voice. You can turn it on or off, change channels, adjust the volumes and many more. Unfortunately, I don’t have this option on my Philips TV and I envy you a lot! 🙂

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4K resolution became standard in 2019 and this model makes no exception. If you’ve never watched a 4K movie up until now… Now you could/will and your mind will be almost literally blown away! The amount of details and all those amazing colours… I never thought this is possible! But it is and it’s in your own living room!

The LG 43UK6300PLB model also has smart capabilities. You can connect to YouTube, watching your favorite vloggers in a matter of seconds. The web OS is fast enough to complete the daily tasks almost instant. So, if you want an extremely affordable, yet fast and reliable TV, I think you have found the perfect candidate!

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