KingSpec 128 GB reliable and silent SSD

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If there is one thing I could talk about all day long, that would be the SSD units. I am simply in love with them! And for a good reasons! They are fast, reliable, extremely silent and will change your entire computing experience. Let me tell you a few things about the KingSpec 128 GB SSD. I’m not going to give you tons of technical details about this model. I’m just going to tell you my honest opinion about drives like this.

Well, all of the SSDs on the market are extremely silent. Why is that? Because nothing is spinning around inside anymore. What is a Solid-State Drive? Imagine lots of microSD cards in a medium-size case. You got my point. Because nothing is spinning around inside anymore, the speed is also much higher. When I have installed a Windows 10 on a laptop equipped with an SSD, the entire process (installing the OS, drivers and all the apps that person was going to use) took around 22 minutes. After that, that laptop was booting up in exactly 11.4 seconds. And it wasn’t a high spec laptop. But an SSD is really making a huge difference!

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You have no idea until you test it for yourself. I could write thousands of words and articles about SSDs. The only time you will realize how magnificent piece of technology it is is when you will purchase one for yourself and actually use it. Your mind will be almost literally blown away! At least, that’s what happened to my mind. I just couldn’t believe it!

The noise… What noise? If you have a desktop PC, an integrated graphics card and you will install the KingSpec SSD, the next scenario will happen (it has happened to me and I’m sure to lots of other people): you will turn on your computer, you will do whatever you are doing and you’ll go for a coffee or meeting a friend. You will turn off the monitor and leave the computer on. When you get back, you will do something else and forget about your computer being turned on because you cannot hear anything coming from it. Literally! You will realize that if/when you will turn on the monitor or see the red/blue light blinking on your case. It has happened to me many times, I’m sure it will happen to you, as well.

That being said, I strongly recommend you purchasing the KingSpec SSD or any other model. Having such an amazing piece of technology in your computer will literally change everything.


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