Kingfast 120 GB budget super fast & reliable SSD

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Kingfast 120 GB SSD is one of the cheapest model on the market and I will help you decide yourself if you should buy it or not. In my opinion, any SSD worth buying it. The most important thing is to have at least one in your laptop/desktop. If you still don’t have one, I’m suggesting you to read this article. It could change your computing experience. Literally!

Let’s say you have a regular office 2-3 old laptop or desktop. If you want to make an upgrade (improve the RAM memory or graphics card), the first thing you should consider is purchasing a brand-new solid-state drive. Ever since the first one has been released (5-6 years ago), lots of people are not thinking so often about CPUs, lots of RAM memory or the latest graphics card. That’s because having such a marvelous piece of technology in your device will rock your laptop’s world! And yours, as well! :)))

Kingfast 120 GB SSD – Check for Today’s price & full information

Kingfast 120 GB SSD is extremely affordable, so that’s why you should consider purchasing it. If this is going to be your first SSD, 120 GB is will be more than enough for the operating system and your daily applications. You will even have some space left for 1-2 games. Recently, I have installed Windows 8.1 on this SSD and the entire process took about 5-6 minutes. Well, that’s something to get extremely excited about, isn’t it? Believe me, it is!

That particular laptop is young again! :))) The guy who owns it couldn’t believe how fast his laptop became, how fast boots up and how silent it is. I have a Kingston installed to my desktop and my entire unit makes no noise. Literally! If you have an integrated graphics card, you will forget to turn off your computer many times. It has happened to me at least 10-15 times. Because you literally can’t hear anything.

On the other hand, if you have a dedicated graphics card with fan/s included, there will be some noise, depending on the model. Nonetheless, as I said in the first paragraph, the entire computing experience is going to me a whole lot different. When I have upgraded my computer, I have opted for an Intel i5 CPU, 16 GB of RAM memory, a motherboard and a power supply. I used to have 90 pounds left and I wanted to get extra 16 GB of RAM memory. Lucky me, I was talking to a friend of mine, telling him about my brand-new computer. When I told him about the 32 GB of RAM memory he asked me why not just 16 and an SSD unit…

I didn’t need 32 GB of RAM, but I had to spend that 90 pounds left (I’m sure you know that feeling… You don’t need anything else, but you still have to spend everything till the last penny). And I have bought a 120 GB SSD. I will always be grateful to my friend for giving me this brilliant idea. Because the Kingfast 120 GB SSD and all the other SSDs out there are a brilliant invention and I’m glad I can share my experience with you. Just like I said, if you don’t have a solid-state drive yet, purchase one. But if you already have one, get a bigger one. They worth every penny!

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