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About 9 months ago I have bought a new laptop to my mom. She’s not doing very much on a laptop so I decided to get a medium specs device, on one condition: to have an SSD integrated. And I have found an Acer… The specs are not something to write home about, but it has an 128 GB SSD unit. It’s a KingDian s280 model and it works like a charm! I’m not going to give you super technical details about this wonder of nature (almost literally), but I’m going to tell you why should you have one in your computer.

First, it’s extremely silent. If it is installed on a desktop PC, the difference is even bigger. Laptop or desktop, the noise is not going to be present anymore. Indeed, the laptops have extra cooling fans so they are a bit more noisy. Nonetheless, it’s like working on your phone. No noise, no heat, no nothing! My mom doesn’t need extra storage space. I have installed Windows 10 and all those other necessary drivers and apps and she still has 25 GB left for whatever she’s going to need.

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If/when you will decide to purchase an amazing piece of technology like this, I am recommending you to get the 240/256 GB unit. It’s somewhere in between… It’s not too small (as I said, 120 GB might be enough as your only storage unit, but not always), but it’s not that expressive either (like the 480 GB unit). No matter what you are doing in your life, you have to find that balance. In this case, 240 is the balance :))).

If you have a laptop, get the 120 or 240 GB models. If you have a desktop… Same thing. On the other hand, if you want to replace your old HDD, the 480 GB variant is the winner one, because you will need pretty much storage space for all of your photographs, movies and music. If you own a 4K TV, you’ll need at least 35-40-50 GB to watch/store only one 4K movie. They are huge, but they worth it (I’m talking about the movies)!

Either way, if you don’t already own an SSD, take a look at the KingDian models. They are affordable, superfast, extremely silent and they will completely change your computing experience. Believe me, once you have one, you will want more and more and bigger! After you buy one, don’t forget to mention to your friends about your amazing SSD related experience. I’m sure there will appreciate it/you!

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