JINYJIA E-SHOP – Extra affordable 7 inch tablet

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JINYJIA E-SHOP is the most affordable tablet I have ever reviewed. I will tell you a few things about it, but I want you to remember (even after you have finished reading this article) that the price (at this moment) is 34.99 pounds. It’s super cheap! In theory, anyone could afford this gadget.

Let’s take them one step at a time. This extra cheap device sports a 7 inch display. HD resolution? In your dreams! You are going to have to go with a 800×480 pixel resolution. Yes, I know, this was a top-notch display back in 2011-2012. Yet again, should I remind you the price? 34.99! Practically, you can watch some YouTube videos (at low resolution), play Angry Birds, but you can also check and send e-mails, Skype with your friends, “stalk” people on Facebook etc.

JINYJIA E-SHOP – Check full specs and updated price

Basically, you buy this tablet for your kid or as a gift (for someone else’s kids). The storage space is not something to get excited about either. You’ll have only 8 GB at your disposal, but the good news is that you can expand it with a micro-SD card, up to 32 GB. You can store music, videos, photos/whatever you want.

About photos… Even though it’s hard to believe, the JINYJIA E-SHOP tablet features two cameras. Each one has a 0.3 MP sensor and they are suited for Skype and Facebook video calls and that’s pretty much it. Considering your 4-5 years old kid won’t have anyone to chat with on Facebook or Skype, the low-resolution cameras won’t be such a big deal.

Speaking of witch, you will be able to connect to the Internet via wireless. The speed will be medium, considering we are talking about a G connection. Under the plastic blue case lays a dual core AMD CPU, clocked at 1.2 GHz. The RAM memory is also modest, 512 MB. The android version is 4.2.2 and I’m not sure you’ll be able to update it to a newer version (because of the low specs).

The 3000 mAh battery will offer you 3-4 days of standby time and about 4-5 hours of continuous activity. You think that’s lame? The price is 34.99 pounds! In case you forgot… It weighs 700 g so you’ll be able to take the JINYJIA E-SHOP tablet where ever you go. It’s portable, it’s superduper cheap, it has a nice blue case, it’s pretty durable and the kids will definitely appreciate it. As a first tablet/gadget for your son/daughter, I think this model is just perfect!

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