iStorage IS-DA2-256-SSD-512-B – Affordable hardware encrypted 500 GB SSD

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The iStorage IS-DA2-256-SSD-512-B external SSD is a fantastic piece of technology and if you need an encrypted storage unit, this might be the one for you. It works on any device with a USB port and no additional software is required. Let’s dive into it and see if it’s worth purchasing it.

We are talking about a 512 GB solid-state drive. If you want to unlock this device, just enter your unique 7 or 15 digit pin you have set it up after unboxing. To set up a password is extremely simple… Just read the manual. It’s pretty straightforward. If you have some data to transfer and you just can’t do it electronically, the iStorage IS-DA2-256-SSD-512-B SSD is the perfect solution. The brute force hack defense mechanism is intelligently programmed to protect against all forms of brute force attacks.

iStorage IS-DA2-256-SSD-512-B – Check out the price & customer reviews

Connect to this device to a laptop/desktop computer, insert the unique pin and you’ll have access to all your data. It’s that simple! Once you disconnect the device, it’s going to automatically encrypt itself. This device is suited if you work for the government or in a Corporation. If you don’t have any sensitive data to transfer, there’s no use in purchasing this SSD. Nevertheless, if you’re a bit paranoid (just like me), you can buy it and store everything that’s important for you. And, of course, everything you want out of anyone else’s eyes…

The iStorage IS-DA2-256-SSD-512-B SSD features real-time military grade AES-XTS 256-bit full disk hardware encryption, so with no pin there’s no way in. I don’t know if I would purchase a pin hardware encryption SSD because I don’t know if I need one. But maybe you have some top-secret data to transfer from time to time and this device would be perfect for you. You have a range of variety of encrypted SSDs at your disposal (from 128 GB to 4 TB).

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