HP Stream 14-ax002na – Affordable good-looking office laptop

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HP Stream 14-ax002na is an affordable laptop, suitable for light tasks, such as social media, reading/sending e-mails, Microsoft Office suite, watching movies, listening to music, surfing the web and many other interesting stuff. It comes in three color variations: blue, white and purple. I would choose purple or blue, even though I’m a man. I just want to stand out in the crowd. But, again, that’s just me…

Let’s get back to our business. Let me tell you why would I buy this model. Basically, because I like the way it looks likes and I simply adore the price. I don’t buy cheap things just because I can’t afford a more expensive one. I am buying what I need and what I like. And I really like the appearance of this laptop. Yes, it’s glossy! Yes, it’s going to be a fingerprint magnet! Yes, it’s all plastic! No, not all of us can afford the latest and greatest MSI/Asus/Dell laptop. Only the keyboard is white and that gives this model a special look and feel.

HP Stream 14-ax002na – Check out complete specs & customer reviews

The specs are not something to get really excited about, but for this price, they are more than enough in order to help us complete our regular everyday tasks. It has a 14 inch HD display and thanks to this aspect, the Stream 14-ax002na model is very portable and easy to carry around. The screen is also having a glossy surface, therefore the colors and images are going to be much more vibrant and eye-catching, comparing to a mate display. Frankly, I will always prefer a glossy display.

The CPU is decent. Intel is the name (2xcore processor) and 1.6 GHz is the frequency. The RAM memory is set to 4 GB. The most interesting thing of this laptop is the storage space. Windows 10 home edition comes preinstalled on this unit. As I said, the available storage is 32 GB. What’s interesting is that you’ll have 1 TB more at your disposal, but in cloud. That’s because Microsoft office 365 one year subscription comes with this laptop. And, if you have a Microsoft office 365 one year subscription, you also have 1 TB of storage in Microsoft OneDrive. That make sense now, doesn’t it?

What else should we mention about this laptop? You’ll be able to play only basic games, because the video card is integrated, Intel HD graphics 400. It also has USB and HDMI ports. Connecting to the Internet is easy, thanks to the Wi-Fi Nac protocol. You’ll get high speeds and your browsing experience is going to be perfect.

Just like I said, the HP Stream 14-ax002na laptop is not something to write home about, if you are a game addict. If you’re a regular person, just like me, I’m sure you will find it pretty attractive. It has an eye-catching price and pretty decent specifications. I’m sure it will be a Best Buy among the students. Actually, if you don’t need lots of resources for tons of tasks, this device might be the one you are looking for.

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