HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf008na – Business high-tech laptop

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HP high-end laptops have always been extremely attracting and reliable. My girlfriend decided to buy such an exquisite model, more precisely the HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf008na laptop. Therefore, I will tell you my real thoughts about this pretty amazing piece of technology.

The first time you unwrap this laptop you realize that indeed it’s amazing. The design is almost flawless. The manufacturer have decided to use aluminum for the case. The back of the lid, the palm rest and keyboard surroundings are made from a high quality mate aluminum. This means that your brand-new laptop is not going to be a fingerprint and smudges magnet. Not even close! For the moment, the only available colour is gray. My girlfriend wanted something more vibrant and colourful (anything else except for black, white and gray). Nonetheless, the laptop looks amazing!

This is exactly what she needs, because she is going to take it with her whatever she goes (college, job, visiting etc.). It’s a 14 inch display laptop, so it’s very light and portable. It weighs around 1.5 kg, which is amazing, considering the screen size. Let me tell you a few things about the screen. As I said, it’s a 14 inch display, featuring a full HD resolution. Now, that’s something to get really excited about. It’s not the best screen on the market, but it will deliver clear and natural images. The viewing angles are outstanding, because we are talking about an IPS screen. They go up to 178┬░ and the contrast and brightness levels are pretty high.

HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf008na – Check out ┬áthe FAQs and Exact price

We are talking on Facebook or Skype pretty often (video calls). I was really surprised about the camera and the details that delivers. More than that, the sound is exceptional, thanks to the dual microphone. In my opinion, that’s a big step forward. The camera and microphone are not extremely important, when it comes to a laptop, but the attention to details is astonishing. Thumbs up for the manufacturer!

The HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf008na model is equipped with a very high quality keyboard. I don’t know how important is that for you, but for my girlfriend is vital. Because she is writing a lot for college and her part time job. She is a wanna-be journalist. She had two laptops before the actual one and she used to interact with lots more on the university and work. She told me that this one has the best keyboard of them all. I don’t know what to say. Maybe because she loves this model so much or maybe because this keyboard is really magnificent. I’m just telling you her opinion about it. She says it’s so comfortable to use and soft to the touch and it’s also illuminated, which is a big Pro for her and anyone else who is going to use it.

She is not that interested about the specs, comparing to the exterior aspect, but they have counted a lot when she acquired this model. My opinion, too! :))) So let’s talk about the hardware a little bit. Beneath the eye-catching case, the HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf008na laptop features the latest generation mobile Intel i5-7200U CPU, with a frequency of 2.5 GHz. 8 GB of RAM memory and an integrated graphics card, Intel HD 620 graphics are completing this interesting picture. These specifications are more than enough for what my girlfriend needs. This laptop will be able to complete light to medium tasks with no hiccups. You will also be able to play some games, but nothing too heavy.

I wanted to get the 512 GB SSD variant, my girlfriend wanted the 120 GB model. She said she will never need so much storage space. I know what 120 GB means (after installing Windows 10 and all the other necessary apps) and we choose the middle version of this outstanding laptop, the 256 GB SSD. 512 would’ve been even better, but she simply didn’t want to and I had to comply. :))) After all, it’s her laptop! In time, if 256 GB won’t be enough anymore, we will replace it with a bigger SSD.

Until then, my girlfriend (and I) is super enthusiastic about her brand-new acquisition, the HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf008na model. Needless to say that the sound is also extremely qualitative. The dual HP speakers, featuring HP audio boost deliver rich and high level sounds. That’s also because the Bang & Olufsen experts decided to tune and customize the audio system. Don’t worry, you won’t have to install the operating system… It comes already preinstalled (Windows 10 home edition) and works like a charm.

This laptop also features lots of ports and connectors, such as USB 3.0, full HDMI output, RJ -45, audio ports and card reader. It has quick charging and you will be able to charge the battery from 0 to 100% in about one hour and a half. Usually, the battery will run out of juice after around 8-9 hours, which is fantastic.

Overall, we are talking about a great laptop. It’s not a gaming machine, but it has pretty interesting specs. The aspect is simple, but beautiful. I don’t know about you, but me and my girlfriend prefer simple things. Usually, they deliver the most important results. Just like in this case, this simple and attractive laptop delivers exactly what you expect to deliver: performance for a great price. Exactly… The price is more than attractive. You might expect to have to pay tons of money for this model, but that’s not the case. I might even say this is an affordable high-end business laptop.

For my girlfriend and lots of other people, the HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf008na device is exactly what they need: portability, versatility and high specs… All of these wrapped up in a stylish and distinguished aluminum case. I’m not telling you to purchase this laptop, as well. I’m just asking you to go into a store and try it out. It definitely deserves a chance. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think about this outstanding piece of technology.

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