HP Pavilion Power 15-dk0010na – Amazon Exclusive budget GTX 1650 SSD gaming laptop

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It’s not Omen, it’s not Predator, it’s not Alienware…  It’s HP Pavilion Power 15-dk0010na… A low price gaming device from HP which will complete your daily tasks as fast as possible. So, if you want a brand-new gaming device or you just need a more powerful laptop for work, don’t hesitate to read this short review.

Just like I said, you can use this portable device for medium spec games or for heavy work tasks. Either way, it’s going to complete all those tasks in a matter of seconds (figuratively speaking). On the outside, the HP Pavilion Power 15-dk0010na laptop looks amazing, even though we are talking about a plastic case. Fortunately, it’s a high quality plastic and you won’t have that cheap feeling every time you will touch it. The lid can be opened with only one hand, which is something that many people will appreciate.

The left and right bezels are extremely thin so you will enjoy more screen in a smaller form factor. The 15.6 inch display sports a full HD resolution and will return incredible, natural and vivid images. The contrast and brightness levels are very high, while the viewing angles are going to be wide (up to 175°).

The HP Pavilion Power 15-dk0010na laptop features a full-size extremely comfortable to use keyboard. Fortunately, it’s illuminated so you could play your favorite games even in dimmer spaces. The touchpad has a big surface, is button-less and supports multi-touch gestures. It’s pretty responsive, but when playing you should use a separate mouse/controller (for an improved experience).

HP Pavilion Power 15-dk0010na – Check out the price, Full specifications & Customer reviews

 When it comes to specs, this model has many things to offer. Many good things… Under the hood, you’ll find a powerful Intel i5 latest generation CPU, backed up by 8 GB of RAM and a blazing fast Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB memory graphics card. Like I said earlier in this article, you’ll be able to play medium resource games, perform light to medium video editing, watch your favorite movies on Netflix/Amazon prime TV and many more. After all, it’s not a dedicated gaming machine…

HP Pavilion Power 15-dk0010na also comes with Windows 10 and all its amazing features preinstalled. You’ll also have a super fast 256 GB solid-state drive at your disposal. It’s not much and if you need more you can always attach a second NVME SSD or an external one. They are extremely affordable! As a conclusion, I find this model pretty attractive. It has a beautiful design, appealing specs and an amazing price tag. This laptop might be exactly what you are looking for!

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