HP Pavilion Power 15-cb007na – Powerful Intel i7 GTX gaming laptop

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About 10-12 years ago there was a trend. Me and my friends were gathering and heading to an Internet cafĂ©, playing games all day long (many times even all night long). It was amazing because we were all in the same place and it was extremely fun. Now, in late 2018, things have changed and we are playing solo most of the times. That’s also because now we have families, jobs and our priorities changed. Nevertheless, if we like playing games, no one and nothing can stop us from having some fun. If we are game addicts, we will need something to cover our expectations. And I was thinking about the HP Pavilion Power 15-cb007na laptop.

It’s an impressive piece of machinery and any gamer would like to have it in their “wardrobe”. The first time you will lay your eyes on it, you will be in love. It looks and feels amazing! It’s not a super expensive mode, but has some super specs, which makes it a must-have laptop. On the outside, the manufacturer used only high quality materials. I’m talking about a beautiful brushed aluminum (painted in black). I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely attracted when it comes to black metal laptops and smartphones. Black will always look good, no matter what we are talking about. In this case, the ventilation is much better and your brand-new gadget won’t overheat as much as a plastic case one. Take a look at the gallery and tell me you don’t like it… I dare you!

HP Pavilion Power 15-cb007na – Check out full-specs, price & customer reviews

I decided not to get you confused with lots of technicalities about this attractive laptop. Hopefully, you will all understand what I’m talking about here. I know some things may sound like gibberish, but in the end you will understand the most important things about the HP Pavilion Power 15-cb007na laptop. The screen size is classic (15.6 inch), just like your actual model. But it’s different. Only the size is similar to your laptop. When it comes to quality, this display will return amazing and high-quality images, because it sports a full HD resolution. Most of the laptops on the market come with a lower resolution (HD – 1366×768 pixels) and that’s why the multimedia experience will be almost perfect if you decide to purchase this model. Blu-ray movies will look outstanding, but if you want even a better experience, feel free to connect this laptop to a big 4k TV and you and your friends will experience perfection.

On the inside, the Power 15-cb007na model has everything you need so that your gaming experience to be flawless. You will get a top-notch Intel CPU, accompanied by 8 GB of RAM memory and a powerful GTX 1050 graphics card. We’re not talking about state-of-the-art latest and greatest specs. If you want/need that, you’ll also have to pay at least double the price. Nevertheless, you’ll still be able to play more than 95% of the games on the market with no frame drops. For a person who wants to play a couple of hours a day, this model is exactly what they were looking for. It will be your best friend who will stand by your side in all of your quests.

The HP Pavilion Power 15-cb007na laptop will also be able to store all of your important and beautiful memories, because it’s equipped with a high-capacity hard drive. Fortunately, it also has a state-of-the-art SSD hard drive, which will make your brand-new laptop extremely silent, fast and reliable. Windows 10 home edition comes preinstalled, so you will have literally everything you need in order to begin your multimedia/gaming/cinematic experience. Enjoy!

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