HP 15-dc1011na OMEN – Exquisite and powerful SSD Nvidia 144 Hz gaming laptop

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If you are a gamer and you need a new device or just want a powerful desktop replacement, you might want to take a look at the HP 15-dc1011na OMEN model. It’s a high spec laptop, with an amazing appearance and a pretty good price. Stay with me because I will make a short review to see if this product worth being purchased.

First thing I like about this laptop is the thin bezels. They are not ultra thin, comparing to other 2019 models, but they are decent and you will enjoy more screen in a similar form factor case. Speaking of which, the case is made of aluminum and the manufacturer decided to make it simple and beautiful. It’s not extremely eye-catching and that’s what matters the most. The temperatures will stay pretty low, thanks to the aluminum coating. In full throttle the laptop will get just a bit warm, but there’s no reason to be concerned about. That’s normal…

When you pop up the lid and turn it on, an amazing 15.6 inch display will lay in front of your eyes. It’s a 144 Hz refresh rate screen which will return outstanding and natural images. You’ll be able to get lost in immersive colours and amazing contrast and brightness levels. It will be pure joy to watch your favorite full HD movies and TV series!

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The keyboard is one of the other pros of the HP 15-dc1011na OMEN laptop. We are talking about a full-size backlit comfortable to use keyboard. You can change the colour in different zones and personalize the way you like it most. The touchpad is also illuminated, has a soft surface and supports multi-touch gestures.

As I said in the first paragraph, this model is well-suited for gamers. Under the hood, this laptop features a super powerful Intel i7 8th gen CPU, backed up by 16 GB of RAM memory and a blazing fast Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card, with 8 GB DDR6 of memory. Now, that’s something to get really excited about! You could play all of your favorite games in high details and the laptop is not going to feel a thing.

The HP 15-dc1011na OMEN model also sports 2 separate storage units. One of them is a huge regular HDD (1 TB) were you can store all of your favorite videos, music, photos etc. The second one is an exquisite and extremely fast 256 GB SSD. Windows 10 comes preinstalled on the solid-state drive and you’ll be able to enjoy all its amazing features. If you have a medium to high budget, you should consider purchasing this model. It looks amazing, has great specs and the battery will charge from 0 to 50% in less than 40 min.

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