HP 15-bs085na – The perfect traveling/office laptop

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The HP 15-bs085na laptop is suited for everyone who is not too much into gaming. Actually, who is not into gaming almost at all. You can play some games on this device, but only low resource games. It’s a perfect office laptop, it has pretty good specs and a very eye-catching price. If you want to make a new acquisition, allow me to tell you a few things about this laptop, maybe I will be able to help you make up your mind.

If you’re asking me, I would buy this model, but only on a few conditions. First, I don’t have to be a game addict. If I am, this model would be my second laptop. The one I am using it at work or every time I want to stay relaxed in my garden, having a tea/coffee, checking my e-mails, talking to some people on Facebook… Stuff like that.

HP 15-bs085na  – Check out full specs & updated price

Second, I don’t have to have high expectations from my brand-new laptop, when it comes to completing heavy tasks. If we are taking a closer look at the specs, we will realize that this model can offer great results because it features a top-notch Intel i5-7200U CPU. Maybe you don’t know, but this is the latest version from Intel, which is awesome. This CPU is making a tremendous team with a big amount of RAM memory, 8 GB and an integrated graphics card, Intel HD graphics 620. All of these specs will get you through your daily activities with no issues.

Third, if I want an aluminum/fiber carbon/eye-catching design, I would have to look elsewhere, because this model has a regular, but attracting appearance. The case is not made from metal, but the plastic used for this laptop doesn’t give you that cheap, horrible feeling every time you are touching it.  The back part of the lid has a patterned surface and, fortunately, is not glossy. Therefore, is not going to attract too many smudges and fingerprints. Nevertheless, you still have to clean it up once in a while.

The screen sports a 15.6 inch diagonal and an HD resolution. Now, that’s not something to get really excited about. Honestly, I have seen that coming! HD on a 15 inch display is more than regular! The images are going to be detailed and everything will be crisp & clear. Lots of manufacturers adopt this resolution on the 15 inch screens and this is normal.

The keyboard is pretty HP style… It’s full-size, it’s not illuminated, but it offers a remarkable feedback. The keys have a great travel and they are pretty soft to the touch. The touchpad is also big and accurate and supports a bunch of gestures. I forgot to tell you about the storage space. The HP 15-bs085na laptop features a big 1000 GB hard disk drive, which is big enough to store lots of photographs, videos, music and many more. This model also comes with Windows 10 home edition preinstalled and lots of connectors, such as USB, HDMI, ethernet and audio ports.

Overall, just like I said in the first paragraphs, this is an office laptop exclusively. You can serve him some heavy tasks, but he is not going to like them and pretty soon you will find out. It’s suitable for everyone, as long as they are not passionate about heavy specs games. The battery is going to last (basic activity) for about 12 hours, which is great, considering the specs – price ratio.

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