HP 14-bp012na – Eye-catching design Intel i5 laptop

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A cousin of mine is going to college pretty soon and we have met a few weeks ago for a coffee. He told me he wants to buy a new laptop, because the old one is pretty outdated and he needs something different and more resourceful. He was thinking about a Dell model, but it’s out of his budget range. I told him about a very nice, attractive and high specs model from HP, HP 14-bp012na. More than that, he can afford it and he has decided that to order it.

After a few days, his brand-new laptop has arrived and he called me to pay him a visit. He wanted to make some adjustments and he was needing my help. I couldn’t say no and I have stopped by his place. On a first glance, the laptop looks impressive, especially thanks to that white colour. The entire device is white, except for the screen bezels, which are black. Only the screen bezels will be a fingerprint magnet (they are glossy), the rest of the case, touchpad and palm rest being mate. They also have a textured design, which is pretty nice to the touch.

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Being a 14 inch display laptop, it’s very portable and my cousin has also ordered a backpack. He can take it with him wherever he goes. So, it’s beautiful and portable! But we are not going to stop here. As I said, it has a 14 inch screen, which features a full HD resolution. That’s awesome, considering most of the 14 inch models on the market sports only on HD resolution. More manufacturers should equip their 14-15 inch screen laptops with a full HD resolution. It’s a big difference and you will notice this the first moment you lift the lid.

The display delivers rich and natural colours. We are talking about a glossy display, but that’s not a con, because I’m it is going to be much more highly detailed, comparing to a mate screen. The viewing angles are also wide and the contrast and brightness levels are going to be very high. My cousin is extremely pleased by the screen, which I’m sure you will as well, if you decide yourself to purchase the HP 14-bp012na model.

Being a 14 inch display laptop, the manufacturer couldn’t fit in a full-size keyboard. Nevertheless, the actual keyboard is very spacious and comfortable to use. Is not illuminated, but it will do the job very effective. The touchpad features a big soft touch surface and lots of multitouch gestures. If you like to talk to your friends on Skype or Facebook, the HD camera will be very useful. It delivers good images and the people you’re going to talk to is going to hear you loud and clear.

As I said in the previous paragraphs, the HP 14-bp012na laptop sports very interesting specs. More precisely, it’s equipped with the latest 7th generation Intel core i5-7200U processor, clocked to 2500 MHz. The RAM memory is set to 4 GB and it’s backed up by an integrated graphics card, Intel HD graphics 620. Therefore, this is more like an office laptop. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play the latest and greatest games on the market. But my cousin knew that, that’s why he decided to get this specific model. He needs it for light and basic tasks, such as checking up his e-mail, writing different stuff for college, watching some movies, listening to his favorite music on YouTube and some basic gaming sessions.

On the other hand, the HP 14-bp012na laptop is equipped with a top-notch storage unit. We are talking about a 256 GB SSD, which will transform this laptop into a real beast, when it comes to energy consumption, silence and high loading app speeds. The Windows 10 home edition operating system comes preinstalled on this device and boots up in around 8 seconds. That’s crazy fast, if you’re asking for me!

Overall, my cousin is extremely pleased by its new acquisition. It’s exactly what he needs! It has an attractive design, a beautiful full HD display, a spacious and comfortable keyboard and lots of ports and connectors. The price was also in his budget range, which makes this model a bestseller. You should try it out. You won’t regret it!

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