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My niece is six years old. Now she has a 9 inch tablet and a cat. She is in love with both of them. When she was younger, I have bought her a 7 inch tablet. Something pretty cheap, because I knew she was going to break it pretty fast. And she did! That’s not the point… If you want to buy your 3-4-year-old son/daughter a tablet, you should make a research and choose the appropriate model. Maybe you think that I’m joking, but if you get a regular tablet with no protection, you will end up buying a new one maybe in less than a month. And who wants that?! That’s why I’m recommending you the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids model. You’ll see why…

And I’m going to tell you this right now! If you look at the pictures, you will realize what I’m talking about. This tablet has a protective silicone case, which is amazing (for the parents)! This case will protect the tablet from drops, scratches and lots of other unwanted activities. Your kid won’t be able to take care of it like we do and that’s normal. Why not getting this tablet or a similar model and stay relaxed?!

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids – Check for today’s price & customer reviews

I’m not going to get into technicalities, because that’s not the purpose of this article. I’m still going to tell you the major advantages of this amazing tablet. So, the protective pink silicon case is the first and the most important aspect of this 7 inch tablet. The display will return high-quality images, even though we are talking about a 1024×600 pixels. But, thanks to the IPS 178° viewing angle eye friendly display, your kids will enjoy their new tablet and their favorite characters and perfect conditions!

This tablet even has a stand so the kids can watch their favorite princesses and characters hands-free. You can now easily adjust the distance between the display and their eyes. Lots of kids are holding the tablet pretty close to their eyes and that’s not such a good thing, my niece included. Every time I’m seeing her I’m trying to explain her why she should hold the tablet a bit further to her eyes. Many times she doesn’t know what I’m talking about, but every time she sees me she is asking me why she shouldn’t hold the tablet so close to her eyes (which means she understands something).

The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids tablet is equipped with two cameras, so the children can take tons of pictures, from every possible angle. I have noticed that they love taking pictures of themselves and share them with their friends. A few months ago, my niece asked me if she can record herself and upload the video on YouTube. I have asked her why she would do something like that and she told me that a friend of hers is already on YouTube, talking about her dolls. After 20 minutes, she came to me and she told me she is on YouTube. I was breathless because I didn’t know that she is capable of uploading a video on YouTube. Looks like she is!

The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids tablet has a pretty big battery and it will run out of juice after 3-4-5 hours, depending on the activity. Most of the times, you will have to recharge it after about three hours:))). You have access to Google Play Store and you’ll be able to download (actually, your kids will be able to download) whatever you want. Overall, this is a great tablet for every kid. It’s eye-catching, it has a very sturdy silicon protective case and the price is more than affordable (at least, when I am writing this article).

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