CUBOT MAX – The most affordable 6-inch display smartphone

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A couple of days ago I have met a friend. He is the biggest, actually the tallest person I have ever met. He is 6 feet 7. I don’t know if you can imagine that. I’m 6 feet 1, but I feel like a kid every time I’m next to him. We were having a beer and he was upset because his phone doesn’t want to work properly anymore. He has an old Blackberry. Unfortunately for him, that phone has lots and lots of buttons and he can’t handle them the way he would want to. So I have asked him why doesn’t he buy a big touchscreen phone? You know what he told me? “I need a big screen, cheap and big battery smart phone and I don’t think someone invented this model yet!” My friend and lots of other people will be surprised to find out that these kind of phones exist and they are available right away.

CUBOT MAX is one of those models. First, he didn’t believe me that this phone actually exists. After that, he made a joke: “is this phone one time use only?”. After the second beer, I’ve started to tell him more about this big screen/battery affordable smartphone. He has huge hands and I’m sure he will be able to use this model with one hand only. For all the other “normal” hand people, they will be able to use it with both hands and that’s not going to be an issue at all. It’s just like he said: big, cheap, long-lasting battery.

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We are talking about a 6-inch display, sporting an HD resolution. It’s big, but the resolution is not something to get very excited about. After all, remember… When I’m telling you about this product, it’s price is 125.99 pounds. It’s a bargain! The screen is great for watching videos, taking pictures and editing them, you can play lots of games and the media experience is going to be great. The viewing angles are decent, while the colours are going to be pretty natural and vibrant.

While I was talking about all of these things, my friend was extremely excited and he was watching me closely. First requirement: big screen=check! Yes, this phone also has two cameras. The main one (on the back) has a 13 megapixel resolution and the selfie camera sports a 5 MP sensor. It’s like they don’t exist, because my friend told me he didn’t take three pictures in the last five years. He is just not into that. If you are NOT like my friend, I just want to tell you that you could take pretty qualitative photographs and videos.

Surprisingly (I’m talking about my friend), this phone features some very interesting specs. And I’m talking about the 8-core CPU, the RAM memory, which is very good (3 GB) and the internal storage space (32 GB). He started to laugh… Literally and loud! That’s because he couldn’t believe it. He thought I was joking. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t… But the manufacturer definitely didn’t joke when they have designed this high specs affordable smartphone. My friend just couldn’t believe how awesome the price – specs ratio is. A device with such impressive specifications having such a low price? Indeed, it’s impressive and it is true! Second requirement: cheap=check!

Thanks to the generous size, the manufacturer was able to attach a big battery into the CUBOT MAX 6 inch phone. And I’m glad they did this! Actually, everyone is happy to hear that a smart phone has a big battery. That’s what we all wanted! Let’s hope the big players will also understand this and do something about it in the near future. We are talking about a 4100 mAh battery. My friend told me that it’s going to be more than enough for him. He said that this phone will last for two days until it will run out of juice. In my opinion, like I know him, he will have to recharge it once at three days. He is just talking on the phone and to some friends on Facebook. That’s all! Third requirement: big battery=check!

He is drinking the 4th beer, I have stopped the second one. He is asking me to order this smartphone for him, because he is not too much into this thing. Of course I agree and I’m also pretty excited to see if my friend and his new big new smartphone are going to have a long-lasting relationship. I haven’t met him to give me a feedback, but I’m sure I will pretty soon. And I’m sure the feedback will be positive.

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