Cubot Cheetah Mobile – Cheap, but high specs mobile phone

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In the last 3-4 years, tons of smartphones have been released on the market. You literally don’t know what to choose, if you want a new smart phone. Today I have an idea for you… We are talking about a cheap, but super powerful piece of technology, Cubot Cheetah Mobile. If you are a Samsung or Apple fan boy, this model won’t attract you at all. Let me tell you a few things about this model and maybe you’ll decide to give it a chance.

First of all, there is nothing to write home about when it comes to design. It has an aluminum chassis and it’s pretty thin: only 7.95 mm. That’s decent, isn’t it? Let’s move forward… The case is painted in rose gold, which gives this gadget a very eye-catching aspect. It’s not glossy, so you won’t have any problems with fingerprints (at least, on the back).

Cubot Cheetah Mobile – Check full Specs and customer reviews

This phone sports a 5.5 inch full HD display. Well, that’s something to get a bit excited about. You can’t compare it with the AMOLED displays, but it will do the job just fine. The viewing angles are pretty good and the colour reproduction is admirable. Once again, take a look at the price and you will realize what I’m talking about and why I think this is a very good phone. On the upper bezel you’ll find the 8 MP front facing camera which will deliver good and qualitative pictures and videos. You will be able to get pretty impressive selfies. You’ll also find a few sensors and the speaker.

Under the hood, this smart phone is equipped with a powerful Mediateck octa-core CPU, clocked at 1.3 GHz. It’s not a top-notch processor, but coupled with 3 gb of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, you’ll be able to play lots of hungry resource games and store plenty of pictures, music and other stuff. If 32 GB is not enough for you, you can attach a microSD card, up to 128 gb.

This phone is dual sim, so you will be able to use 2 SIM cards from different carriers. Both of the SIMs support 4G connectivity. If you will attach a microSD card, only one SIM card will be available. You’ll also have Bluetooth 4.0, wireless and GPS connectivity at your disposal.

If you want to listen music, I need to tell you that the bottom speaker is pretty loud and I find it’s positioning extremely suitable. It’s possible to cover the speaker when you’re holding the smart phone into the landscape position, but that’s not a reason not to buy this phone. On the back, the 13 MP rear camera will help you record 1080 P videos. It has a Led flash and it’s possible to leave home your dedicated non-DSLR camera.

Android 6.0 comes installed on the Cubot Cheetah Mobile smart phone. Fortunately, the battery life is going to be medium, even though we are talking about a cheap phone. The 3050 mAh battery will offer you almost a full day of great performance. Well, that’s about all about this phone. I don’t know about you, but I like the way it looks and feels in the hands. It has 2015-2016 specs and 2013 price. I find it pretty attractive, with that rose gold appearance and the aluminum body makes it even more interesting.

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