Crucial BX500 CT960BX500SSD1(Z) – Extremely affordable huge size SSD

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Today we are going to talk about an upgrade to your computer/laptop storage. I have also done this a couple of months ago and I want to recommend you the same thing. You’re probably thinking about a 2-4 TB HDD. You are close (but not quite). Today’s MVP is the Crucial BX500 CT960BX500SSD1(Z) 960 GB SSD. You should try replacing all the HDD’s in your system with SSDs. Why is that? It’s extremely simple… ¬†SSDs are way more reliable, more silent, faster and affordable. So why not having a 1-2 TB SSD in the system for all the movies, music, photos and all the other junk we keep in our computers?

And the Crucial BX500 CT960BX500SSD1(Z) model would be perfect for this. First, it has a huge capacity. Fortunately, SSD drives got cheaper every year and now everyone can have at least one in their laptop/desktop computer. This amazing piece of technology costs under 100 pounds and it screams for you to buy it. Not literally, but you got my point. Having an SSD is a game changer (literally and figuratively). Everything is smoother, way faster and less hot (I’m talking about the temperatures and noise a regular HDD can reach).

Crucial BX500 CT960BX500SSD1(Z) – Check out for customer reviews and full specs

When I first install an SSD into my system, I was shocked to see that I was able to install Windows 8.1 (at that time) in only 7 minutes (se-ven minutes). I couldn’t believe it, but it was true! More than that, the noise was gone. Literally gone! I forgot my computer turned on more than 10 times because I thought it’s turned off (no noise was coming from the case). Good thing they have those blinking LEDs on every case, otherwise my computer would’ve been on for a long time. You can store, install and delete lots of things on the Crucial BX500 CT960BX500SSD1(Z) SSD. It’s about 10 times faster than a regular HDD. It can reach up to 500 Mb/s read and write. I don’t want to get you all confused about some information you don’t need to know about.

Everything you need to know is that this drive will allow you to store all your favorite 4K movies, thousands of songs and RAW photographs. If you don’t already have one, you should go purchase this model or any other. You don’t know how helpful and amazing an SSD is until you have one. Wait no more! Your mind will be blown away!

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