Crucial BX300 CT120BX300SSD1 – A crucial SSD for your laptop

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My last computer upgrade was about 3-4 years ago. I went from a medium-range configuration to a pretty high one (for my daily tasks). Now I have an i5 4-core and 16 GB of RAM. At that time I wanted to buy extra 16 GB of RAM. I said to myself that I don’t need 32 GB. Instead, I have purchased an SSD. Even now I’m extremely pleased about my decision. At that time, it was the best choice I could have make. So, today I would like to talk to you about the Crucial BX300 CT120BX300SSD1 SSD and the great advantages of having one in your desktop PC/laptop.

Generally, these units are way smaller than the regular HDD’s. If you haven’t seen one in real life, it’s pretty hard to imagine how small it is. Watching videos on YouTube won’t help a lot. But when you’re going to see one live, only then you will realize how small and light they are. The unit we are talking about today is also very light. It has a silver plastic case and weighs only 55 g. But when it comes to an SSD, this is not the most important aspect.

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Anyone can install an SSD unit extremely simple. Just open your computer case and attach it with four screws. After that, connect it to the computer and you are good to go. If you have not done this before or you have a laptop, you should contact someone who knows how to do this kind of things.

Beware… When you turn on your PC, you won’t hear anything else except for that “beep”. If you have an integrated graphics card, you won’t even realize when it’s turned on or off. Thumbs up for making your computer super extremely silent.

If you want to install your operating system on it (Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Linux etc.) and your daily apps, you should get the 120 GB variant. It is going to be more than enough. On top of that, you will even have 20-30 GB of free space left on your brand-new SSD hard drive. Let me give you some examples… I have managed to install Windows 8.1 on my SSD in 7.5 min. (the operating system only… no drivers, no nothing). After that, my computer have booted up in about 8-9 seconds. After a while, after I have finished installing all the programs I need, my machine was booting up in 12-15 seconds. Trust me, it’s stellar!

And that’s not all! Yes, it is a lot faster than a regular HDD! Yes, it’s much more efficient than my older device. I’m not going to give you numbers and stuff. I just want to tell you that my computer is different with that SSD unit is inside. It’s almost like a 10,000 pound computer in a 15 pound case. In almost 4 years I haven’t had not even one BSOD (blue screen of death). Not even one! Everything works just fine. That’s also because I’m taking great care of it. I’m not downloading stuff from fishy websites, I’m not using lots of cracked software anymore and I’m cleaning up (software side) my computer every week.

I will tell you more about why should you get an SSD for your computer (if you don’t already have one) in the next articles. Like I said, 120 GB for operating system and some apps, 240 GB for some extra games and 480 GB for lots of games and movies.

If you decide yourself to get the 480 GB, you might not even need a regular HDD anymore. Nevertheless, take a look at the Crucial BX300 CT120BX300SSD1 SSD (the red link), find out more information about it and buy it. You won’t regret it! I can guarantee you that!

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