Cello C40227T2 – Very affordable full HD 40 inch display TV – Bargain!

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A few weeks ago my best friend got married and the event was magnificent. While staying at the table, a friend comes to me and asking me for an advice. He wanted a monitor alternative. His old monitor refused to work and he wanted to replace that monitor with a TV.  After a few days and a short research I have gave him the winning solution, the Cello C40227T2 TV. You can use it as a TV or as a monitor replacement. Either way, the experience is going to be great!

Why this TV as a monitor replacement? Because it’s a non-smart full HD regular TV. I’m saying regular because it doesn’t have all those smart like fancy features. Overall, this is a great simple TV, as long as you don’t need to connect it to Internet and watch some movies on Netflix. This TV would be a perfect acquisition for the kid’s room, as long as the kids are not older than let’s say 8-9 years old. I’m not saying your parents should purchase it, because even them would want to watch some documentaries and TV series on the streaming TV platforms.

Yes, the Cello C40227T2 TV would be perfect as a monitor replacement or to install it in a room where no one lives on a daily basis. I’m saying that because it’s not smart. Nevertheless, if you don’t need a smart TV, get it. It’s perfect for you! It has a pretty big display… 40 inch is more than enough if you are going to install it in a medium-size room. The full HD resolution is also impressive and this TV is going to return fantastic colours and images (compared against an HD model).

Cello C40227T2 – Check out the price & full specs

My friend is using this model as a monitor replacement and he is super excited about that! He decided to mount it on the wall and this choice was perfect for the overall gaming experience. If you have room, you should mount it on the wall, as well. The ambience of your room is going to be much improved, while the viewing experience will be amazing. You can connect a laptop to this TV and vice versa using a HDMI cable.

The Cello C40227T2 TV also comes with the DBT/S digital tuner. This means your channels will return a great video quality. HD channels are simply breathtaking and you won’t need anything extra in order to have them in your list. If you need a simple and beautiful and qualitative and affordable TV or just a monitor replacement, this model is the right one for you. Take it and you will be pleasantly surprised by the overall experience!

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