BLU VIVO 5R 4G – High specs 5.5 inch affordable smartphone

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A few days ago, a good friend of mine wanted me to recommend him a budget smartphone for his daughter. She is 11 and pretty soon it is going to be her birthday. He doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on the phone, because she is just a kid and we all know how they are taking care of their things. So, you want something reliable, good looking, offering medium to high performance and he doesn’t want to pay loads of money on it (the phone is not going to be the only gift). After a quick research, I think I have found the best solution for my friend and his daughter (even for you): the BLU VIVO 5R smartphone.

For the girl is going to be more like a tablet, because this device features a 5.5 inch display. Indeed, it’s pretty big for a child, but she won’t have to stare at the screen whenever she is going to watch something on YouTube. Even though we are talking about an affordable device, the manufacturer has equipped it with high-end specs. As I said, the display measures 5.5 inch in diagonal and sports a full HD resolution. Now, that’s something to write home about, considering its price. You will experience vivid and immersive images, a high contrast and pretty deep blacks.

BLU VIVO 5R 4G – View full specs and price

The design is extremely appealing, considering the price tag. On the back, the BLU VIVO 5R model is having a beautiful and stylish aluminum cover, which makes it soft and cold to the touch. It has rounded corners, so you will feel very comfortable holding it in your hand. On the upper side of the back is the 13 MP Sony camera, which will deliver high-end images and videos. It has some interesting features, such as Phase Detection, HDR, smart scene, time lapse & autofocus. In many situations, these features will be a very useful. The selfie camera has an 8 MP wide angle sensor.

Under the hood, this affordable phone sports some interesting high specifications, such as an octa core MediaTek 1.3 GHz CPU, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory. It’s something to get pretty excited about, because you will be able to run lots of high resource apps and games. If the internal memory is not quite enough for you, you can always expand it, using a micro-SD memory card, up to 64 GB. Nice, isn’t it?

Are you worried about security? Relax and enjoy your favorite media, because BLU VIVO 5R has a very fast and secure fingerprint scanner. Placed under the camera, the fingerprint scanner is easy to use and you will unlock your phone in no time. Most of the phones on the market have sealed batteries. Not in this case! This device has a 3150 mAh removable battery, which is a huge advantage. If you purchase an extra battery, you can enjoy this beautiful smartphone 24/7. When the first battery is out of juice, just replace it with the second one and you’re good to go.

Android 6.0 comes preinstalled on the BLU VIVO 5R phone. I’m not sure if this device will get the 7.1 version update. But I’m sure my friend’s daughter will love this piece of technology. Even my friend will love it. After all, what’s not to love? The 5.5 inch full HD curved display? The aluminum case? The high quality Sony main camera? The DTS sound? Or the price tag? Take a look at it and say it isn’t so… I dare you!

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