BenQ ZOWIE XL2720 – One of the best gaming monitors

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This friend of mine is a real game addict. He is 33, he is not married (fortunately, he has a job) and, if he could, he would play 24/7. He is crazy! In a good way… And he is also crazy good when it comes to those games he is playing. He never had a laptop to play on. That’s because he thinks only the PC desktops are made for gaming. I’m not arguing with him about this matter. A few months ago, he called me and invited me out for a coffee. I was pretty surprised, because every time I’m calling him he either doesn’t answer or he is calling me back, hours later.

We went out and he was a bit distracted, restless. I’ve been asking him what’s the problem and he told me his actual monitor is dying. Figuratively and literally! And he wanted to ask for my opinion. First, I have asked him about the budget and he said he has around 400 pounds. The first model that came into my mind was the BenQ ZOWIE XL2720. It wasn’t a random choice. A few weeks ago I have also recommended this model to someone else. His next question was: “Why this one?”.

BenQ ZOWIE XL2720 – Find out more information about this product

Well, for starters, because it’s a gaming monitor. I know what games he is playing. I’ve been asking him to give me an updated gaming list. It wasn’t a lot bigger… World of Warcraft, World of thanks, Metin 2-3-4, whatever… The first interesting feature about this monitor is the size. It’s a 27 inch display, but it’s not a regular one. Being a gaming monitor, the panel is very qualitative, having 144 Hz (among other things). This feature is the most important when it comes to a piece of technology like this. You can have a top-notch 32 inch curved monitor. If it has a refresh rate of maximum 60-70 Hz… That’s not going to be a very good thing!

He knows what’s with the refresh rate and how it works. As I said, he is 33 and it doesn’t have a girlfriend! As long as he is happy, I’m happy, as well! The first thing, it’s big. The second thing, it has a 144 Hz panel. It also has a built-in Black eQualizer colour engine which will provide extremely dark black colours. Also, it does one more interesting thing: it brightens all the dark scenes without overexposing the bright areas.

Now my friend can be in touch with his gaming buddies via Skype or any other voice call software also because this monitor has a built-in camera. They will be able to see each other and I am sure their reactions worth millions. On the other hand, you don’t want to know their language. Believe me, your ears will bleed! The BenQ ZOWIE XL2720 model also supports built-in speakers so you won’t need lots of cables for some dedicated speakers, camera or any other stuff. Well, if you are crazy (crazy good), like my friend, you’ll have a 7.1 extremely powerful sound system in your room. It doesn’t matter that your parents and neighbors cannot rest too much during the night… The gaming experience matters the most!!!

This model also features the S-Switch option. You can customize different modes, such as, gaming, reading, movies, web surfing and switch between them just by pressing one button. That’s pretty neat, isn’t it? Another interesting feature of the BenQ ZOWIE XL2720 monitor is the adjustable stand. You can literally adjust your brand-new monitor with one finger! Well, that’s something to get pretty excited about. The next day, my friend had this monitor on his desk. He called me to his place to show it to me. He was very excited about his new purchase and I’ve seen gratitude in his eyes. He didn’t say anything, but it was there. I know that because we have known each other for more than 15 years. I’m glad that I was able to help him. Alex, enjoy your games!

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