ASUS ZenBook UX430UA-GV414T – Amazing design FHD SSD affordable ultrabook

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Portability, elegance & performance! What do you think I’m talking about? You can’t guess so I will just tell you… The ASUS ZenBook UX430UA-GV414T laptop. You have no idea how a ZenBook feels like until you actually touch it. It gives you mixed sensations. First, you are afraid to touch it because you feel like it’s going to break. Then, after touching it the first time, you just can’t let it go. You want it only for yourself!

Of course it’s not going to break, because the ASUS ZenBook UX430UA-GV414T model is made from aluminum. It looks and feels fantastic in your hands! This particular model is painted in blue. The screen has a 14 inch diagonal and a full HD resolution. The side bezels are extremely thin which gives the display a higher screen to body ratio comparing to many others on the market. As expected, the screen returns amazing and vivid colours and it will be a fantastic experience to watch your favorite movies and TV series.

ASUS ZenBook UX430UA-GV414T- Check full specs & price

This device sports an Intel i5 processor and it’s backed up by 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Well, that’s something to get pretty excited about! SSD instead of a regular HDD?! That’s amazing because the difference between the two of them is huge. The SSD drive is way more silent, faster and reliable than a normal HDD. It’s practically a game changer and the ASUS ZenBook UX430UA-GV414T laptop is part of the new wave.

You’ll be able to play your favorite medium resource games, surf the web, spend time with your friends on social media, watch videos on YouTube, light video editing sessions and many more. Also, this amazing piece of technology comes with Harman Kardon speakers, which means the sound is going to be flawless! The ASUS ZenBook UX430UA-GV414T also comes with Windows 10 preinstalled and a battery that will last 3-4 hours, depending on the usage. In my opinion, if you need a portable, beautiful and powerful laptop, this would be the perfect choice!

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