ASUS VivoBook X512FA – NanoEdge display SSD beautiful affordable laptop

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If you’re looking for a way cheaper Apple alternative, you should take a look at the ASUS VivoBook X512FA model. It’s slim, sturdy, eye-catching, powerful and affordable. Yes, it’s a 15 inch laptop but thanks to the extra slim bezels, you can put it into a backpack and take it with you where ever you are going. It comes in four colors and today I am going to reviewing it the purple/blue-ish version.

I have to tell you that this is not a gaming laptop. Is more like an office one. You can also play games, but if you’re a game addict, you should look elsewhere. On the outside, the ASUS VivoBook X512FA device looks fantastic. It has an aluminum body, with brushed finishes and square corners. Honestly, I love that because most of the laptop and smart phone manufacturers adopted the round corners… I’m sick and tired of round corners and that’s why I love the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 so much.

ASUS VivoBook X512FA – Check Customer reviews & price

As I said, this laptop has four almost invisible frames around the display, giving it a screen to body ratio of 87%. That’s huge, considering we are talking about a laptop. Bigger screen in a smaller case! It’s also thin and super light. But under this beautiful appearance lays a small beast. More precisely, a powerful 8th gen Intel i5 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, an integrated graphics card and a super fast 256 GB SSD. As I said in the first paragraph, this device will complete office tasks almost instantly.

The keyboard is not illuminated, but it’s one of the best keyboards I have ever tested. The key’s travel is perfect, it’s extremely silent and very comfortable to use. The touchpad has a huge surface and supports multitouch gestures. The ASUS VivoBook X512FA laptop has a high quality battery which will last more than 5-6 hours. Its lifespan is three times longer than a standard lithium-ion battery. Windows 10 comes preinstalled on this device and you’ll be able to take advantage of all its amazing features. I don’t know about you, but if I would need a portable, great-looking, slick and affordable laptop, this would be my choice!

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