ASUS UX430UA-GV232T – Incredible design & specs ultrabook

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Nowadays, portability means everything! Lots of the gadgets released are lighter, slimmer, smaller. I’d like to tell you a short story about the ASUS UX430UA-GV232T ultrabook. A couple of months ago, my sister in law wanted to buy a portable laptop. A friend of hers has recommended her something from Dell (I’m not sure the exact model). One night we went out for a restaurant, for dinner. I was talking to my brother about different stuff. All of the sudden, I overheard my sister-in-law talking to her friend about that device.

I was kind of surprised. Why Dell? Don’t get me wrong, they have some slick design models, but, in my opinion, Asus is the father of all ultrabooks. The model we are talking about in this article looks phenomenal, feels amazing, features top-of-the-line specs and the price is pretty attractive. It would be a big mistake not to take a look at it (that’s what I have told my sister-in-law). Honestly, take a look at the pictures and tell me your opinion about the appearance of this beautiful portable notebook. It looks amazing, doesn’t it?

ASUS UX430UA-GV232T – Check for exact price & Full specifications

You know what she told me? I don’t need just a great looking laptop, I also need it to be pretty powerful, because, from time to time, I have some pretty heavy stuff to do! Yes, indeed, this model looks incredibly good. It has an little slip all around brushed aluminum case which is painted in that very eye-catching blue colour. But who said that beautiful people are not smart, as well? Same thing here… If it is good-looking it has to be dumb? Absolutely not!

The IQ of this model is very high, thanks to some top-notch 2017 features and hardware. First of all, you will realize what I’m talking about when you will see the screen. Well, the display is different, because the manufacturer did something incredible. They have shrunken the bezels and the feeling is amazing. It’s like you are looking to a bezel-less display. Everything is much more immersive and natural. It’s a full HD antiglare display, which is going to deliver high quality and vivid images and details.

Just like I said, this model has a sharp mind. That’s because it’s equipped with a 7th generation 2017 Intel CPU (i7-7500U), clocked at 2.7 GHz. The processor is dual-core and it is backs up by 8 GB of RAM and an integrated graphics card, Intel HD graphics 620. My sister-in-law and all the other future owners of this beautiful device won’t need extra resources for their tasks. When it comes to technology, she is not into technicalities so I have assured her that these specs are more than enough for what she needs.

From time to time, my brother could even play some light games on this laptop (even though he has a PlayStation back home). When they are at the office, they might watch some videos, listen to some music, they can also edit photographs and videos and many other interesting stuff.

Actually, you can do tons of stuff on this beautiful ultrabook. And you can store all of your precious memories on the 256 GB SSD. Thanks to this amazing piece of technology, your laptop/desktop will run smooth and is going to be extremely silent. My times you won’t even know it’s turned on and you will forget to turn it off.

Fortunately, I have managed to convince my sister in law to purchase the ASUS UX430UA-GV232T notebook. She is thanking me every time she talks to me. The truth is that this model is amazing and you have no reason not to pleased about it. It has a breathtaking design, high-end specifications and it’s Asus. What else would you expect? Maybe a lower price? :))) A man has the right to dream! :)))

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