ASUS T303UA-GN047T – Stylish & portable 2in1 gadget

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Sometimes you need high-end specs that only a laptop can offer. But many times you need portability and versatility. Why not having them both? ASUS T303UA-GN047T it’s a device that can act both as a tablet and laptop. Depending on what you need, this magnificent gadget can give you enough power to do some heavy-duty tasks, but it can also offer you portability like any other regular tablets on the market.

ASUS T303UA-GN047T, also known as Asus Transformer 3 Pro, has a very appealing design. The entire device is made from an extremely high quality aluminum. It has that premium touch! Upfront there is a 12.6 inch display which will provide vibrant colours and superwide viewing angles. Just like I said, this is not an ordinary tablet, therefore we are talking about a 3K resolution (2880×1620 pixels). It’s not 4K, but it’s not full HD either, so movies will be a real pleasure to watch at. Of course, this is a touch screen and the manufacturer will offer its clients a stylus, for the moment when you want to show the other people what outstanding device you own.

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Asus Transformer 3 Pro convertible notebook is also equipped with a high-end 6th generation Intel core CPU (i7 6500U@2.5 Ghz). This processor works in a perfect harmony with 8 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. As you can imagine, nothing will stand in the way of this powerful gadget. Well, maybe some high resources games, because this wasn’t meant to be a gaming device, therefore the integrated video card (HD graphics 520) will deliver enough power in order for you to perform lots of tasks, watching movies, some light to medium photo and video editing and many other things.

When you want to transform this tablet into a versatile notebook, a beautiful and stylish keyboards will unveil in front of your eyes. We are talking about a chiclet style keyboard, which looks and feels amazing. It is illuminated in white, so you will be able to have some fun whenever you want (even during the night).

If you have a big screen TV, that’s even better, because you can connect this exquisite gadget to it via full HDMI port. Let’s say you had to make a presentation. It’s super simple to share it with others, by connecting the ASUS T303UA-GN047T device to a projector.

It’s 2017, so you will have Windows 10 as your daily driver. In my opinion, it’s a magnificent operating system. Yes, I know, lots of people are not happy with it for various reasons. I’m telling you, if you don’t download stuff from fishy websites, if your daily activity is checking/sending e-mails, talking to your friends on Facebook, watching some movies, light gaming etc.. Windows 10 will be your best friend. More than that, it’s a light resource consumer, so the battery will last way more than you expected. When I say that, I’m talking about 10-12 hours of continuous activity. That’s great because now you can do everything and anything you want on your brand-new gadget, without being worried that you have to charge it every 4-5 hours.

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